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2 Dimensional Acquisition
Data acquisition of single slices.
2 Dimensional Fourier Transformation Imaging
(2D FT) A form of sequential plane imaging using Fourier transformation imaging. In 2D FT, a line of data corresponds to the digitized NMR signal at a particular phase encoding level. The Fourier transformation process reconstructs the detected frequency and phase encoded image information (which are rotated 90° from each other) into a usable image.

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Fourier Transform Imaging of Spin Vortex Eigenmodes
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2 Dimensional Nuclear Magnetic ResonanceMRI Resource Directory:
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Form of NMR spectroscopy in which an additional dimension is added to the conventional chemical shift dimension by allowing varying amounts of different interactions between spin systems (such as Nuclear Overhauser Effect, spin spin coupling or exchange).
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Spin Spin Coupling:The splitting of NMR Signals
2 Dimensional Time of Flight Magnetic Resonance AngiographyInfoSheet: - Sequences -
Intro, Overview, 
Types of, 
etc.MRI Resource Directory:
 - MRA -
(2D TOF MRA) This form of MR angiography is based on the acquisition of multiple, short-TR, gradient echo single slice images. 2D TOF MRA is the preferred technique for visualizing slow flow, how for example it happens in veins. 2D TOF MRA consists of multiple sequentially-acquired single slices, therefore the saturation effects are minimized.
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