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In 2075 (after about 100 years of ...) the MRI scan will be :
done with handheld probe 
done at home (app, ...) 
a 3 second walk through 
daily done 
replaced by something much ... 

MRI Sliders
  • Sliders Overview
SliderAnatomicPlaneSequence~ MB
Anatomic MRI of the Knee 1KneeSagittalPD TSE SPAIR4.3 MB
Anatomic MRI of the Knee 2KneeCoronalT1 FSE4.1 MB
Anatomic MRI of the NeckNeckCoronalT2 TSE2.8 MB
CE MRA of the AortaAortaRadial MIP ProjectionCE-MRA1.5 MB
CE-MRA of the Carotid ArteriesNeckRadial MIP ProjectionCE-MRA1.3 MB
CE-MRA of the Carotid Arteries Colored MIPNeckRadial MIP ProjectionCE-MRA1.0 MB
Circle of Willis, Time of Flight, MIPBrainRadial MIP ProjectionTOF-MRA3.0 MB
MRI - Anatomic Imaging of the Ankle 1AnkleSagittalT1 TSE3.0 MB
MRI - Anatomic Imaging of the Ankle 2AnkleTransverseT1 TSE1.0 MB
MRI - Anatomic Imaging of the Ankle 3AnkleTransversePD TSE SPAIR1.4 MB
MRI - Anatomic Imaging of the FootFootSagittalT1 TSE2.4 MB
MRI of the Brain Stem with Temoral Bone and Auditory SystemBrainCoronalT1 TSE4.2 MB
MRI of the Skull BaseBrainTransverseT2 DRIVE10.4 MB
To avoid problems please read:
The execution of JavaScript on your computer must be permitted, to enable the slider. Images for each slider will be preloaded to allow a fluid visualization (please note the amount of data to be downloaded in the right column (~ MB) of the slider table above). The slider will only work after a completed download. To be able to view every image of large sliders the use of a mouse pointer is recommended. Mouse wheel and cursor keys are not precise enough. If a single image is not reachable, please use the input form and click with your mouse on the image area to confirm. Problems, comments ... here please.
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