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LinearityInfoSheet: - Artifacts - 
Case Studies, 
Reduction Index, 
1) Fidelity of response, e.g. of magnetic field gradients or the RF system, to input. The output of a linear system is directly proportional to its input.
2) Spatial uniformity of the magnetic field gradient over the imaging volume. Because of eddy current effects, static and dynamic linearity have to be distinguished. Both together with the magnet homogeneity determine the geometrical correctness of the images.
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Aurora® 1.5T Dedicated Breast MRI SystemInfoSheet: - Devices -
Types of Magnets, 
From Aurora Imaging Technology, Inc.; The Aurora® 1.5T Dedicated Breast MRI System with Bilateral SpiralRODEO™ is the first and only FDA approved MRI device designed specifically for breast imaging. The Aurora System, which is already in clinical use at a growing number of leading breast care centers in the US, Europe, got in December 2006 also the approval from the State Food and Drug Administration of the People's Republic of China (SFDA).
'Some of the proprietary and distinguishing features of the Aurora System include: 1) an ellipsoid magnetic shim that provides coverage of both breasts, the chest wall and bilateral axillary lymph nodes; 2) a precision gradient coil with the high linearity required for high resolution spiral reconstruction;; 3) a patient-handling table that provides patient comfort and procedural utility; 4) a fully integrated Interventional System for MRI guided biopsy and localization; and 5) the user-friendly AuroraCAD™ computer-aided image display system designed to improve the accuracy and efficiency of diagnostic interpretations.'

Device Information and Specification
CONFIGURATION Short bore compact
COILS Breast transmit receive (TR) coil
IMAGING MODES Bi-lateral RODEO fat suppression, high resolution Rotating Delivery of Excitation Offresonance Spiral, integrated targeting SW compatible with major MR guided intervention equipment.
TR 10 ms for gradient echo and less than 2,500 ms for T2 weighted spin echo
TE From 5 ms for RODEO Plus to over 80 ms, 120 ms for T2 sequences
SINGLE/MULTI SLICE Around 0.02 sec for a 256x256 image, 12.4 sec for a 512 x 512 x 32 multislice set
FOV 20 - 36 cm, max. elliptical 36 x 44 cm
MAGNET TYPE Superconducting
or W x H
64 cm diameter (gantry)
H*W*D 240 x 188 x 163 cm
POWER REQUIREMENTS 150A/120V-208Y/3 Phase//60 Hz/5 Wire
COOLING SYSTEM Helium for magnet, distilled/de-ionized water for coil;
CRYOGEN USE Zero boil off rate

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Aurora Imaging Technology, Inc. Release: Results of a Multi-Center Trial Demonstrates Superior Diagnostic Performance of the Aurora® 1.5T Dedicated Breast MRI System Over Whole-Body Breast MRI
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Golay CoilInfoSheet: - Coils - 
etc.MRI Resource Directory:
 - Coils -
This term is commonly used for a particular kind of gradient coil, commonly used to create magnetic field gradients perpendicular to the main magnetic field. A golay coil (a special kind of saddle coils) produces a linear gradient in the x and y axes that requires wires running along the bore of the magnet. Such a coil produces a very linear field, but the linearity is lost rapidly away from the central plane. A number of pairs with different axial separations can be used to improve this.

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Point Spread Function
(PSF) A hypothetical point object will generally have an extended (blurred) image resulting from the imaging process; this is the point spread function characterizing the imaging process. Considering any object as composed of an assembly of point objects, knowledge of the PSF permits the prediction of how the object will be imaged, assuming linearity of the imaging process.
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