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Gd Labeled AlbuminInfoSheet: - Contrast Agents - 
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Macromolecular Gd labeled albumins are a new class of contrast agents with a wide range of use e.g., MR angiography, breast MRI, perfusion MRI, Lung perfusion, etc.
Marketed gadolinium-based albumin-bound contrast media are e.g., MultiHance®, and Vasovist™; other prototypes are in development. Malignant tumors often show an increased uptake and metabolism of plasma proteins, especially albumin. Contrast agents with large molecules are delivered to all tissues, but only accumulate in those with leaky vessels by tumor capillaries (tumor neovessels). MRI tumor perfusion studies with Gd labeled albumin can show the success of tumor therapy by quantitative decrease in MR signal of the malignant tissue after therapy compared to before. In addition, the study of tumor sensitivity to a therapy with drug-labeled albumins seems possible.
After renal transplantation, MRI may diagnose albuminuria caused by glomerular disease with an albumin-bound blood pool contrast agent
See also Blood Pool Agents, Intravascular Contrast Agents, Contrast Enhanced MRI.
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Blood Pool AgentsInfoSheet: - Contrast Agents - 
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 - Contrast Agents -
Blood pool agents (intravascular contrast agents) remain in the blood for a prolonged time compared with conventional contrast agents, which diffuse quickly into the interstitial space. Magnetic resonance angiography (MRA), cardiovascular imaging, or contrast enhanced MRIs are possible over an hour or more. This advantage over conventional MRI contrast media allows also higher resolution MRA of several territories using respiratory or cardiac gating techniques with a single contrast bolus.
Different types of blood pool contrast agents:
Ultrasmall superparamagnetic iron oxide (USPIO)
Gd Labeled Albumin
Chromium labeled red blood cells
Gd-DTPA labeled dextran
Blood pool MRI contrast agents with their longer intravascular circulation can be designed to be targeted to necrotic myocardium, to assess myocardial viability, or tumor directed to provide better diagnostic information for various tumors. A disadvantage of the use of blood pool agents for MRA is that the separation of arteries and veins is more difficult because they are present in both and the overlapping of those vessels is disturbing. This can be solved by e.g. different MIP segmentation algorithms.
See also Necrosis Avid Contrast Agent, Tumor Specific Agents, Feruglose, Gadofosveset Trisodium (Vasovist), Ultrasmall Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide and Contrast Medium.


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