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This unit of temperature is still used customarily in the United States.
Definition: 0┬░ is the coldest temperature achieved by using an ice and salt mixture, and 100┬░ is set at the temperature of the human body. On this scale, the freezing point of water turned out to be about 32┬░F and the boiling point about 212┬░F.
1┬░F equals 5/9┬░C. To convert a temperature in ┬░F to the Celsius scale, first subtract 32 and then multiply by 5/9. In the other direction, to convert a temperature in ┬░C to the Fahrenheit scale, multiply by 9/5 and then add 32. The unit was defined by the German physicist Fahrenheit.


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Welcome to NODC Unit Conversion Guide
Monday, 4 August 2003   by    
Faraday Cage
An electrically conductive screen or shield that reduces or eliminates interference between outside radio waves and those from the MRI unit.
See also Faraday Shield.


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Faraday's Law
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Faraday Shield
In electromagnetism, the Faraday cage or shield is an application of Gauss's law, one of Maxwell's equations. Gauss's law describes the distribution of electrical charge on a conducting form, such as a sphere, a plane, a torus, etc. Intuitively, since like charges repel each other, charge will "migrate" to the surface of the conducting form, as described below. The application is named after physicist Michael Faraday, who built the first Faraday cage in 1836, to demonstrate his finding. A Faraday shield is used generally for any kind of electrostatic shielding.
In MRI, one use of the Faraday shield is the shielding of the scanning room, to block incoming radio frequency (RF) signals which would contaminate the send and received signals of the MRI scanner, and it suppresses RF signals, which would else pollute the environment around.


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Faraday's Law
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Electrical eddy currents in the human body: MRI scans and medical implants
FASE Acquisition Double EchoInfoSheet: - Sequences -
Intro, Overview, 
Types of, 
etc.MRI Resource Directory:
 - Sequences -
(FADE) A fast imaging technique, which observes both components of the SSFP signal in separate acquisition periods during a single interpulse interval.
See Dual Echo Steady State.

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Fast Acquisition with Multiphase EFGRE3DInfoSheet: - Sequences -
Intro, Overview, 
Types of, 
(FAME) The FAME MRI technique uses a 3dimensional fast SPGR pulse sequence to acquire high resolution images. With its short scan time, FAME is useful for dynamic liver imaging with multiple phases.
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