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Faraday Shield
In electromagnetism, the Faraday cage or shield is an application of Gauss's law, one of Maxwell's equations. Gauss's law describes the distribution of electrical charge on a conducting form, such as a sphere, a plane, a torus, etc. Intuitively, since like charges repel each other, charge will "migrate" to the surface of the conducting form, as described below. The application is named after physicist Michael Faraday, who built the first Faraday cage in 1836, to demonstrate his finding. A Faraday shield is used generally for any kind of electrostatic shielding.
In MRI, one use of the Faraday shield is the shielding of the scanning room, to block incoming radio frequency (RF) signals which would contaminate the send and received signals of the MRI scanner, and it suppresses RF signals, which would else pollute the environment around.

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Faraday Cage
An electrically conductive screen or shield that reduces or eliminates interference between outside radio waves and those from the MRI unit.
See also Faraday Shield.


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Types of Magnets, 
The MRI equipment consists of following components:
The magnet generates the magnetic field.
Shim coils make the magnetic field homogeneous.
Radio frequency coils transmit the radio signal into the body part being imaged.
Receiver coils detect the returning radio signals.
Gradient coils provide spatial localization of the signals.
Shielding coils produce a magnetic field that cancels the field from primary coils in regions where it is not desired.
The computer reconstructs the signals into the image.
The MRI scanner room is shielded by a faraday shield.
Different cooling systems cool the magnet, the scanner room and the technique room.
Better MRI equipment and software design along with the latest information technology improves system maintenance and overall communication. Software and digital imaging and communications in medicine (DICOM) compatibility allows to network into hospital databases, helps to modify pulse sequences, data post processing, and archiving via picture archiving and communication system (PACS).

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Radio Frequency Shielding
Radio frequency shielding includes the construction of enclosures for the purpose of reducing the transmission of electric or magnetic fields from one space to another (Faraday cage, Faraday shield). Electrically conducted shielding is designed to isolate MRI systems from its environment at the resonant frequencies.
All electronic and computer systems radiate certain frequencies of radio and magnetic waves. They can interfere with other equipment in the vicinity. Magnetic shielding enclosures are used to reduce the levels of RF radiation that enters or leaves the shielded room.
Copper shielding enclosures are designed to filter a range of frequencies under specified conditions. One of the characteristics of copper is its high electrical conductivity. Also its other physical properties like ductility, malleability, and ease of soldering, make it an ideal material for radio frequency shielding. Sheet copper can be formed into any shape and size, and electrically connected to a grounding system to provide an effective RF shielding. See also MRI Safety

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See Magnetic Shielding, Cryoshielding and Faraday Shield.

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