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The impact of TTIP/TPP on the MRI scanner market will bring :
more variety 
better scanners 
more risk 
less regulation 
cheaper scanners 
Lost in Translation 
no change at all 

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ODIN - Object Oriented Development Interface for NMR Open this link in a new window
ODIN is an open-source software framework to develop, test and simulate MR sequences. It is also possible to use ODIN sequences for measurements on hardware from different manufacturers.
[Keywords: Magnetic, Resonance, Imaging, RF, pulse, generation, simulation, software, reconstruction, JCAMP-DX]
Amersham Health - Products - Teslascan - MR sequence parameters Open this link in a new window
Metastases - TESLASCAN™ increases the detection of metastases (1,2) (Case 1). This provides more diagnostic information and may influence patient management when comparing T1-weighted images after TESLASCAN administration with unenhanced T1- and T2-weighted sequences or contrast-enhanced CT.
[Keywords: Teslascan]
Assessment of acute spinal inflammation in patients with ankylosing spondy-
litis by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI): a comparison between contrast enhanced T1 and short-tau inversion recovery (STIR) sequences
Open this link in a new window
Effect of Field Strength on MR Images: Comparison of the Same Subject at 0-
.5, 1.0, and 1.5 T1 RadioGraphics -- Maubon et al. 19 (4): 1057
Open this link in a new window
Fat Suppression in MR Imaging: Techniques and Pitfalls -
RadioGraphics -- Delfaut et al. 19 (2): 373
Open this link in a new window
Images and Case Studies: Cervical Spine Open this link in a new window
Miscellaneous Shared Resources Open this link in a new window
Magnetic Resonance Imaging Teaching Slide Set
[Keywords: Basic MR Physics MR Image Quality FLASH & FISP Basics of fMRI (1/24/2000) UltraFast MRI MR Contrast Basics]
MR Imaging Abbreviations, Definitions, and Descriptions: A Review1 -
Radiology -- Brown and Semelka 213 (3): 647
Open this link in a new window
[Keywords: Index terms: Magnetic resonance (MR), echo planar, **.1214122 • Magnetic resonance (MR), fat suppression, **.121415 • Magnetic resonance (MR), gradient echo, **.121412 • Magnetic resonance (MR), motion correction, **.121419 • Magnetic resonance (MR), pulse sequences • Magnetic resonance (MR), spectr ...]
MR-Physik Departement Medizinische Radiologie Universitätsspital / Univer-
sität Basel
Open this link in a new window
MR Physik
[Keywords: balanced, SSFP, fMRI, interventional, functional, MRA, ]
MRI Contents Open this link in a new window
Introduction Physical Principles MR Image Contrast Brain Imaging Protocol Clinical Indications
For the professional radiographer:
Database, Resources, News, etc.
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