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The MR-TIP Resource-Database contains around 2100 entries.
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ACR Guidance Document for Safe MR Practices Open this link in a new window
Center for Devices and Radiological Health / CDRH, MRI Safety Open this link in a new window
MRI Safety
[Keywords: MRI Safety, magnetic]
Heart Valve Prostheses and Annuloplasty Rings Open this link in a new window
Many heart valve prostheses and annuloplasty rings have been evaluated for MR safety, especially with regard to the presence of magnetic field interactions associated with exposure to MR systems operating at field strengths of as high as 3-Tesla.2.35-Tesla.
[Keywords: Magnetic, Resonance, Imaging, MRI, heart, valves]
IMRSER Home Open this link in a new window
Institute for Magnetic Resonance Safety, Education, and Research
MR Procedures: Biologic Effects, Safety, and Patient Care1 Open this link in a new window
[Keywords: Magnetic resonance (MR), biological effects, • Magnetic resonance (MR), safety, ]
MR Safety and the American College of Radiology White Paper Open this link in a new window
MRI Safety Awareness Open this link in a new window
Welcome to MRI Safety Awareness, Created by UCH Safety Office (5-SAFE) and Department of Radiology MRI
MRI Safety Column Open this link in a new window
Diagnostic Imaging Online MRI safety, bioeffects and patient management. Open this link in a new window
Information on MRI safety topics: implants, materials, and medical devices. Developed and is maintained by Frank G. Shellock, Ph.D. A searchable database of over 700 implants and other objects tested for MRI Safety. A presentation of over 100 peer-reviewed articles on MRI bioeffects and safety. Supported by Bracco.
[Keywords: MRIsafety, MRI Safety; MRI; Bracco; Bracco Diagnostics; radiology; medical imaging; radiology; x-ray; mammogram; implant; implants; mammography; fMRI; magnetic resonance imaging; MRIsafety; MRI Safety; IVP; barium enema; CT; cat scan; scan; ultrasound; sonographer; radiologist; technologist; angiogr ...]
Part 6. MRI Safety For Health Care Personnel Open this link in a new window
Protection and Safety From Energies Used In: X-ray, CT, Nuclear Medicine and PET, and MRI
For the professional radiographer:
Database, Resources, News, etc.
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  Resource Directory - Overview
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