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The MR-TIP Resource-Database contains around 2100 entries.
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Invivo Corporation - Providing Mission-Critical Patient Monitoring Solutio-
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Invivo designs, manufactures and markets patient monitoring solutions & monitoring supplies that improve patient care and lower healthcare operating costs.
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Magnet Supplier for Magnetic Sheets, Magnet Paper, Printed Magnets and mor-
Open this link in a new window is a magnet supplier for magnetic sheets, magnet rolls and personalized magnets.
[Keywords: Magnet Supplier, Magnet Sheets, Magnetic Sheeting, Custom Magnets]
MR:comp - MRI safety and compatibility testing service GmbH Open this link in a new window
MR:comp GmbH offers testing service according to ASTM and upcoming standards for MR safety and compatibility of implants, instruments and other medical devices, as well as cross-check of radio-opacity (optical density, transparency of materials to X-rays). MR:comp provides consulting services regarding material selection and design development of products for Magnetic Resonance Imaging.
MR:comp - Safety and Compatibility Testing Services for Magnetic Resonance-
Imaging and Therapy
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MR:comp GmbH is a testing laboratory that has spezialised in testing implants, instruments, devices and accessories with regard to MR safety and compatibility. We are using standardized test methods according to ASTM, for the measurement of magnetically induced displacement force and torque, RF-heating, image artifacts. We have MRI scanners available from 0.2 to 7.0 Tesla.
[Keywords: MRT, Magnetresonanztomographie, MR-Sicherheit, MR-Kompatibilität, MR, Biokompatibilität, Entwicklung, Seminar, Implantat, Instrument, Equipment, Gefäßimplantat, Gefäßimplantate, Stents, Filter, Katheter, Führungsdraht, Suszeptibilität, Artefakte, Artefakt, RF-Artefakt, RF-Artefakte, magnetische, Anziehungskraft, Drehmoment ...]
MRI SAFETY FORM Open this link in a new window
Resonance Technology Inc. Open this link in a new window
S/5 MRI Monitor Open this link in a new window
For safe and easy patient monitoring during MRI
Safety Stop Inc Open this link in a new window
Safety Stop Inc, is the maker of the Safety Stop Sign MRI safety device. Our signs provide an added safeguard for MRI facilities seeking to reduce accidents in the MRI room.
[Keywords: Safety Stop, Safetystop, Safety stop sign, Safetystop sign, Safetystopsign, Safety stopsign, MRI safety, MRI safeguard, MRI facilities, MRI safety device, safety device, MRI accidents, MRI compatible, MRI equipment]
The handheld magnet for Magnetic Resonance Screening Open this link in a new window
A Powerful Rare-Earth Handheld Magnet that is ideal for Magnetic Resonance Screening of patients and devices for possible ferromagnetic properties prior to entering MRI environments Zones III and IV
Universal Medical Site developed by CDH Consulting, Open this link in a new window
MRI Safe accessories and equipment. With accessories ranging from tools to blood pressure cuffs to transport stretchers, and even MR safe furniture. Order directly online 24/7, helpful customer service to handle all of your needs.
For the professional radiographer:
Database, Resources, News, etc.
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