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'Fast Spin Echo'
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Jacquelyn Chiffons

Thu. 18 Mar.10,

[Start of:
'Proton Density Imaging'
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Sequences and Imaging Parameters

Proton Density Imaging
Is Proton Density Imaging considered Fast Spin Echo?
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Jenny Jordan

Sat. 17 Nov.07,

[Reply (2 of 4) to:
'Haste and Rare sequences'
started by: 'Elena sussi'
on Tue. 13 Nov.07]

Sequences and Imaging Parameters

Haste and Rare sequences
Hi Elena,

you can find the different names for the same sequences and options used by manufacturers at: .

The manufacturers have in principle similar sequences with small differences. So, as you mentioned you can take "sequences as HASTE" or "sequences type RARE".
However, you can lead back these sequences also to the fundamental sequence type FSE ( fast spin echo: ). Fast sequences as HASTE ( ) are especially useful in cases of movement caused by their single shot technique: .

Hope this helps
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Tom Bellini

Mon. 14 Jun.04,

[Reply (1 of 3) to:
'Black Blood MRA'
started by: 'ranran zhao'
on Sun. 6 Jun.04]

Applications and Examinations

Black Blood MRA
The black blood effect is a natural high contrast between blood and myocardium caused by the flow void of blood. Black blood techniques are for example used to demonstrate fatty infiltration of the right ventricular wall with right ventricular dysplasia. Black blood MRA is usual based on fast spin echo or inversion recovery sequences and seldom used as cine imaging. The advantage of this type of sequence consists of being less sensitive to respiratory and cardiac motion. Bright blood cine imaging is the standard method, but there are manufacturer with different techniques, e.g. Toshiba has a black blood cine technique.
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