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Acoustic Noise Reduction (Silent, Quiet, etc.) :
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is in its first steps 
is done by earplugs, headphones 
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is bad, I miss something 
is unnecessary 

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Patent Issued for MRI Compatible Visual System That Provides High Resolution Images in an MRI Device
'''The following quote was obtained by the news editors from the background information supplied by the inventors: In the medical field, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a commonly used non-invasive technique to diagnose the medical condition of a ...'
Friday, 25 October 2013   by
'Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) systems market will reach $10.4bn by 2022' predicts visiongain report
'''A new report by visiongain, a London-based business information provider, predicts that the global market for MRI systems will be worth $10.4bn by 2022. The market generated sales of $4.0bn in 2010. The medical device industry has witnessed explosive ...'
Friday, 30 March 2012   by
News Refinements:  Contrast Agents  Devices  Financial  
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