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The impact of TTIP/TPP on the MRI scanner market will bring :
more variety 
better scanners 
more risk 
less regulation 
cheaper scanners 
Lost in Translation 
no change at all 

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The MR-TIP Resource-Database contains around 2100 entries.
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Innovize Global Open this link in a new window
The Innovation and Design Company
Providing innovative solutions to a number of business sectors.
[Keywords: MRI, fMRI, Equipment, Accessories, MediGoggles, The MediMattress Range, MRI Bore Liners ®, Memo-Mat, Loan Specs] Open this link in a new window
Global FIA, Suppliers of FIA/SIA instruments and components
[Keywords: FIA, SIA, instrumentation, scientific, science, Analysers, Valves, Injection, Selection, Syringe Pump, Peristaltic, MilliGAT, Sampling Pump, Detector, Photometric, Chemiluminescence, Potentiometric, Amperometric, Tubing, Membranes, Tools, Manifold Devices, Reactors, Mini-columns, Heaters, Membrane S ...] Open this link in a new window
Resonance Technology MRI Compatible Audio and Video Systems for Functional MRI (fMRI), patient comfort and interventional surgery
[Keywords: MRI, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Audio Systems, Video Systems, Visual Stimulation, Functional MRI, fMRI, Neurology, Radiology, Steroscopic 3D, Brainmapping, Resonance Technology, Van Nuys. Northridge, Medizintechnik, Forschung, Kerspintomographie, Magnetresonanztomographie]
ACS::Detectors Open this link in a new window
Advanced Camera for Surveys detectors
[Keywords: HST, Hubble, Space, Telescope, ACS, JHU, Advanced, Camera, Surveys, detector, ccd, MAMA]
Agilent - 8453E UV-Vis Open this link in a new window
The Agilent 8453E UV-Visible spectroscopy system is the most economical way to control the Agilent 8453 spectrophotometer.
Argonaut Technologies Open this link in a new window
Argonaut Technologies provides innovative instruments and chemical products to accelerate organic synthesis throughout R&D in pharmaceuticals, agrichemicals, fine chemicals, and materials science.
CCN Educational Services, LLC Open this link in a new window
Distributor of AEDS, First Aid, & Safety Products. Provider of CPR, First Aid, & AED Training.
CSPS Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Open this link in a new window
CSPS Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a well established company located in San Diego, California. We sell versatile building blocks, software and instrumentation for medicinal, combinatorial, and peptide chemistry to chemists all over the world
Datex-Ohmeda Open this link in a new window
Datex-Ohmeda, supplier of anesthesia and critical care solutions.
[Keywords: anaesthesia, anesthesia, anesthesia delivery, critical care, intensive care, clinical, medical, equipment, healthcare, health system, hospital, patient, monitor, ventilator, information management, information system, oximetry, tonometry, supplies, Datex-Ohmeda, Datex, Ohmeda, Engstrom, Datex-Engstrom, Clinisoft, Instrument ...]
Evans Analytical Group Open this link in a new window
Evans Analytical Group (EAG) is the world's largest independent analytical service organization.
[Keywords: EAG is the leading supplier of analytical services for scientists and engineers in the research and development, central lab and production areas of large and small businesses within the semiconductor, electronics, magnetic storage, automobile, aerospace, biomedical, chemical and pharmaceutical indu ...]
For the professional radiographer:
Database, Resources, News, etc.
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  Resource Directory - Overview
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