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The impact of TTIP/TPP on the MRI scanner market will bring :
more variety 
better scanners 
more risk 
less regulation 
cheaper scanners 
Lost in Translation 
no change at all 

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cours de chimie générale et organique
[Keywords: dupuis, faidherbe, cours de chimie, diastéréoisomérie, énantiomérie, pouvoir rotatoire, règles de Cahn Ingold Prelog alcools, carbonyles, composes conjugues, amines, triphenylmethyl radical, ethers, composés aromatiques, phénols, quinone, frontaline, OIC, molecule of the month, UDP, cetenes]
1H NMR - Intro Open this link in a new window
1H NMR Intrepretation Tutorial
2D NMR Summary Open this link in a new window
Guidline for the two dimensional NMR spectroscopy.
Advanced NMR Interpretations Open this link in a new window
Application of 1D and 2D 1H NMR Spectroscopy to the Conformational Analysis of Small molecules, Oligonucleotides and Proteins.
Auger Theory Contents Open this link in a new window
Auger Electron Spectrometry Theory Tutorial
Basics of NMR Open this link in a new window
A comprehensive treatment of NMR, includes some math and animation.
BioMedical NMR Open this link in a new window
The research in the BioMedical NMR group focuses on in vivo applications of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and spectroscopy (MRS).
BMRB Homepage Open this link in a new window
BMRB's mission is to collect, archive, and disseminate (worldwide in the public domain) the important quantitative data derived from NMR spectroscopic investigations of biological macromolecules.
Center for In Vivo Microscopy Home Page Open this link in a new window
The Duke Center for in vivo Microscopy, CIVM, is dedicated to developing technology and applications for magnetic resonance microscopy.
[Keywords: magnetic resonance microscopy, MRI, MR, MRM, Duke, magnetic resonance imaging, in vivo, pathology, phenotyping, imaging, images, microscopy, wwwcivm, CIVM, high resolution, volume imaging, 3D, Duke Medical Center, Radiology, Durham, North Carolina, hyperpolarized, helium]
Center for Structural Biology NMR Open this link in a new window
For the professional radiographer:
Database, Resources, News, etc.
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