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Acoustic Noise Reduction (Silent, Quiet, etc.) :
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The MR-TIP Resource-Database contains around 2100 entries.
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Genesis Medical Imaging, Inc. - CT and MRI Equipment, Parts, Service and M-
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Welcome to Genesis Medical Imaging, Inc. where we provide a One Stop Solution for your CT and MRI needs. Genesis Medical Imaging was formed to support the healthcare industry with Sales and Service ofCT and MRI Equipment and Mobile Units, Mobile Rentals, and MRI Cryogen Service.
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special-purpose mobile products for medical, high-tech equipment, environmental, industrial, governmental, and nonprofit markets-domestic and international. Our mobile facilities meet the consistent quality standards demands by ISO9001
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Mobile Diagnostic Centers - Mobile Imaging, PET/CT Scanning, Mobile Diagno-
stic Centers LP
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Leaders in mobile imaging, Mobile Diagnostic Centers offers mobile PET/CT imaging centers in partnership with physicians and hospitals, providing superior and timely detection and evaluation of cancer, heart disease, and brain disorders.
[Keywords: mobile diagnostic centers lp, mobile diagnostic centers, Mobile Diagnostic Centers LP, Mobile Diagnostic Centers, pet/ct, PET/CT scanning, mobile PET/CT scanners, mobile imaging, mobile diagnostics, imaging centers, mobile scanners, GE Discovery ST, diagnostic imaging, pet scan, ct scan, cancer, hea ...]
Mobile MRI, PET/CT, CT Scanner and Angio/Cardiac Lab Rentals and Leasing Open this link in a new window
Mobile MRI, CT and PET Scanner, Cardiac and Angio Lab rentals & leasing from Interim Diagnostic Imaging, LLC. We specialize in Siemens, GE, Philips & Toshiba rental equipment for short and long term.
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