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'T1 Weighted'
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Klarns Ki

Sun. 22 May.11,

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'T1 & T2 map vs T1W & T2W'
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Basics and Physics

T1 & T2 map vs T1W & T2W

Does anyone can explain me the differences between T1 map compare to T1 weighted map ? and T2 map compare to T2 weighted map ?



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Steven Ford

Thu. 2 Dec.10,

[Reply (1 of 2) to:
started by: 'BINU VAEGHESE'
on Wed. 1 Dec.10]

Basics and Physics

All MRI images have contrast (the bright and the dark) that is based on properties of the tissue that's being imaged. In MRI (unlike, for example, CT) those images are based on a combination of several physical properties. So to some extent ALL MRI images are based partly on property A, property B, etc.

The tissue properties that are referred to include proton density (how many hydrogen nuclei are in a given area), motion, and two other properties that are called T1 and T2. These are properties that can be seen onloy by using the MRI instrument, much as without a microscope one cannot see inside a cell.

A T1 weighted image is one in which the differences between T1 properties of the various tissues are the predominant reason why some parts of the image are bright and others are not as bright.

This is medically useful because, since T1 and T2 are distinct properties, diseased tissue may show up different than normal tissue on either the T1 weighted scan or the T2.
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Elena Brown

Fri. 22 May.09,

[Reply (1 of 2) to:
'Feridex/endorem and bone MRI'
started by: 'marta lola'
on Wed. 15 Apr.09]

Contrast Agents

Feridex/endorem and bone MRI
Some experiments with superparamagnetic contrast agents such as Feridex/Endorem with labeled cells showed a black appearance on T2 weighted sequences, which was easy to see. The less dominant T1 effect, bright on T1 weighted images was more subtle. (I found this also interesting and the article 'MR and iron magnetic nanoparticles. Imaging opportunities in preclinical and translational research' on )
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Hugo Robalo

Thu. 3 Apr.08,

[Reply (1 of 2) to:
'STIR sequences'
started by: 'Shelly Martinez'
on Thu. 3 Apr.08]

Sequences and Imaging Parameters

STIR sequences
Well, a STIR technique is T1 weighted, so, TR will be short.
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