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The US-TIP Resource-Database contains around 1600 entries.
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http://www.mwimaging.com Open this link in a new window
Midwest Imaging is a multi-vendor service provider specializing in refurbished systems, ultrasound service, system, and probe repair. The company also offers full-service contracts, preventive maintenance contracts, and free technical support.
http://www.civco.com Open this link in a new window
For 25 years, CIVCO has focused on designing, manufacturing and distributing products that improve patient care. Today our products help enhance life for patients undergoing radiation oncology, multi-specialty interventional radiology, ultrasound and urology services. Contact us today to learn how you and your patients can benefit from a CIVCO solution.
Advanced Transducer Services Inc - Quality New & Refurbished Ultrasoun-
d Equipment: Advanced Transducer Services
Open this link in a new window
Ultrasound sales, ultrasound service, ultrasound parts, Medison, 3D ultrasound, 4D ultrasound, probes, transducers... This is what Advanced Transducer Services (ATS) specializes in. ATS, an authorized Medison dealer, sells complete ultrasound systems for all specialties. Our company also repairs broken ultrasound transducers, exchanges damaged probes and sells remanufactured probes. Other services ...
[Keywords: ultrasound, ultrasound system, ultrasound systems, ultrasound machine, ultrasound machines, ultrasound probe, ultrasound probes, ultrasound transducer, ultrasound transducers, acuson, medison, phillips, GE, Siemens, Diasonics, Medical Equipment, PMI, ultrasound PMI, ultrasound warranty, ultrasound w ...]
All Imaging Systems - Your used refurbished ultrasound equipment source! Open this link in a new window
All Imaging Systems is the quality, cost effective source for all your ultrasound needs. We have all the top name brands like Acuson,General Electric, HP, Toshiba, & more all in great condition.
[Keywords: used ultrasound, reconditioned ultrasound, refurbished ultrasound equipment, used ultrasound equipment, used ultrasound machine, used ultrasound system, used medical equipment vendor, buy used medical equipment, medical equipment used, used medical equipment dealer, used durable medical equipment, u ...]
ALOKA: The Innovator in Ultrasound Open this link in a new window
For over 50 years ALOKA has been the world?s leading pioneer of ultrasound systems for the medical and health science industries. We provide solutions to the Obstetrics/Gynecology, Radiology, Surgical and Veterinary fields through an array of cutting edge medical imaging techniques. Our dedication to excellence has provided our users with the instruments they need to ensure the best quality of lif ...
Ambassadormedical LLC - Welcome to Ambassador Medical... Open this link in a new window
Ambassador Medical, (est. 1979), is the medical profession's largest & most trusted source for top-quality, pre-owned ultrasound equipment.
[Keywords: ambassador, medical, ambassadormedicalllc, GE, health, care, healthcare, Cardiology, Radiology, Speciality, 4D, Compact]
Ameritech Medical LLC - Ultrasounds, New & Refurbished Ultrasound, Rec-
onditioned Ultrasound, Nationwide Sales and Service
Open this link in a new window
Used ultrasound and refurbished pre-owned ultrasound equipment including 3d and 4d ultrasound machines. Huge inventory of used ultrasound equipment
[Keywords: ultrasound, used ultrasound, refurbished ultrasound, ultrasound equipment, pre-owned ultrasound, reconditioned ultrasound, ltrasound, ulrasound, ultasound, ultrasond, ultrasoud, ultrasoun, ultrasouns, ultrsound, utlrasound, "ultrasound", [ultrasound], "used ultrasound", [used ultrasound], usedultras ...]
B-K Medical | ultrasound | 3-D | 3D | ultrasound-guided biopsy | rectal | -
prostate | brachytherapy | colorectal | intraoperative |
Open this link in a new window
B-K Medical is the global leader in urological and surgical ultrasound. 3-D, 3D, ultrasound-guided biopsy
[Keywords: B-K Medical, ultrasound, 3-D, 3D, ultrasound-guided biopsy, rectal, prostate, brachytherapy, colorectal, intraoperative, anorectal, laparoscopic, surgical, transrectal, urology, biopsy, contrast harmonic, tissue harmonic, musculoskeletal, high frequency, gynecology, obstetrics, scanner, scanners, pu ...]
Barco | Medical Imaging | Medical Imaging Home Open this link in a new window
Barco has been active in the medical imaging market for the past ten years, supplying premium quality, high-resolution diagnostic systems. Barco's product range for medical imaging provides unsurpassed performance for ultrasound scanning, magnetic resonance viewing, X-ray imaging, digital radiology and PACS.
[Keywords: Barco, coronis, Medical imaging system, PIN, 6868, AAPM, JIS, Calibration, Image Quality, Medical Imaging, Photometer, Radiation, Radiological, Medical Flat Panels, Radiologist, RSNA, Conversion, Compression, Computed, medical diagnostic display system, medical display, medical monitor, medical grey ...]
Biodex Medical Systems Open this link in a new window
Biodex Medical Systems, an ISO9000:2000 EN 46001:1996 certified manufacturer of medical equipment, manufactures a variety of products for physical medicine and rehabilitation, nuclear medicine, medical imaging.
[Keywords: medical, medicine, physical medicine, rehabilitation, nuclear medicine, radiology, diagnostic imaging, medical imaging, radiation safety, Zevalin, Bexxar]
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