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The US-TIP Resource-Database contains around 1600 entries.
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Acute Appendicitis Diagnosed by Ultrasound Open this link in a new window
In patients with acute appendicitis, ultrasound is reported to have sensitivities of 75-90% (vs. 90-100% for CT), specificities of 86-100% (vs. 91-99% for CT), accuracies of 87-96% (vs. 94-98% for CT), positive predictive values of 91-94% (vs. 92-98% for CT), and negative predictive values of 89-97% ...
Female pelvis - ultrasound anatomy Open this link in a new window
The ultrasound examination of the female pelvis is performed through a full bladder. The uterus is the most useful structure for orientation. The uterus and each broad ligament divide the pelvic peritoneal space into a small anterior space, the uterovesical pouch; and a posterior space, the pouch of Douglas (uterorectal pouch or cul-de-sac). The posterior space of the cul-de-sac is the ...
General Pelvis Anatomy, Ultrasound Open this link in a new window
These are ultrasound images of the pelvis. Included are both blank and labeled images. Look at the unlabeled images first, then check yourself with the labeled ones. Not all structures are labeled, but enough for general reference. ...
Normal Appendix by Ultrasound Open this link in a new window
Sonographic evaluation of the normal appendix should reveal a blind ending tubular structure that is compressible, and no more than 6mm in diameter. To the contrary, an inflamed appendix is not compressible, is more than 6mm in diameter, is nonperistaltic, and may demonstrate hyperemia. Periapendiceal fluid may be secondary to perforation. ...
The ovaries - ultrasound anatomy Open this link in a new window
The normal ovaries are oval structures which measure less than 3 cm x 2 cm x 1 cm. They may be identified ultrasonically in the normal patient. The ovaries may be situated remote from the uterus, intimately associated with the uterus, or located behind the uterus in the posterior cul-de-sac. Film 1 is normal. What is the difference between patient A (Film 2, Scans 1 and 2) and ...
The uterus - ultrasound anatomy Open this link in a new window
The size and appearance of the normal uterus is dependent upon age. The normal nonpregnant uterus measures 6 to 10 cm in length from the cervix to the fundus. The prepubescent uterus is smaller. Study the scans in Film 1 and note the difference in uterine appearance: the 7-year-old has a 4 cm uterus (Scan 1); the 85-year-old has a 6 cm uterus (Scan 2), and a postpartum ...
Ultrasound appearances of pelvic inflammatory disease. Patient A: Hydrosal-
pinx. Patient B: Pyosalpinx. Patient C: Tubo-ovarian abscess.
Open this link in a new window
Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) is a most serious complication of sexually transmitted diseases. The long-term sequelae include infertility, ectopic pregnancy, and disabling pelvic pain. The sonographic appearances of PID can be divided into five categories:
Ultrasound Imaging of Acute Appendicitis Open this link in a new window
Acute appendicitis constitutes the most common abdominal surgical emergency, affecting approximately 1 in 14 americans at some point in theirs lives, and 0.1% of the US population per year. Approximately 250,000 appendectomies are performed each year, of which approximately 20% disclose a normal appendix. Ultrasound has recently received considerable ...
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