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The US-TIP Resource-Database contains around 1600 entries.
For Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) see Contrast Agent Resources Open this link in a new window at MR-TIP.com.
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http://www.asecho.org/i4a/pages/index.cfm?pageid=3279 Open this link in a new window
The American Society of Echocardiography is an organization of professionals committed to excellence in cardiovascular ultrasound and its application to patient care through education, advocacy, research, innovation and service to our members and the public.
[Keywords: Echocardiography cardiology, echo, ultrasound, sonography, cardiology, 3d echocardiography, transesophgeal, transthoracic, TEE, stress, dobutamine, guidelines, sonographer, echocardiographer]
Contrast Echocardiography for Cardiac Quantifications Open this link in a new window
Echocardiographic quantification of myocardial function using tissue defor-
mation imaging, a guide to image acquisition and analysis using tissue Doppler and speckle tracking
Open this link in a new window
[Keywords: cardiology, cardiologie, cardiovascular]
ESC Working Group on Myocardial Function Open this link in a new window
The idea of the founders was to create a platform in which both basic and clinically-oriented scientists with interests in all aspects of myocardial function could meet in a friendly and stimulating atmosphere.
Guidelines for the Use of Contrast Agents in Ultrasound Open this link in a new window
[Keywords: EFSUMB Study Group]
Schering-Diagnostics Open this link in a new window
[Keywords: Schering Diagnostics, Radiopharmaceuticals, Contrast Media, Ultravist, Magnevist, Gadovist, Resovist, Echovist, Schering]
Upperton Limited. Developing novel contrast agents for diagnostic imaging.-
Open this link in a new window
Upperton Limited. Developing novel contrast agents for diagnostic imaging. Upperton Limited was formed in 1999 to exploit its proprietary particle technologies in the field of contrast imaging and to provide a number of key services to established diagnostic imaging companies. The company research headquarters are based at The University of Nottingham, United Kingdom.
[Keywords: Upperton, Upperton Ltd, Imaging, Diagnostic Imaging, Contrast, Contrast Agents, Ultrasound, X-Ray, MRI, Nuclear, CT, Microspheres, Microparticles, Microcapsules, Nanospheres, Nanoparticles, In Vivo, Injectable, Consultancy, Research, Development, Drug delivery, Pharmaceuticals, Contract Resea ...]
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