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The US-TIP Resource-Database contains around 1600 entries.
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Abdominal and General Ultrasound Scan Photos 1 (2) Open this link in a new window
Contains 3D ultrasound photos for different parts of the body such as the gallbladder,liver kidney,spleen,intestine,urinary bladder,the thyroid gland and the stomach.
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Acute Appendicitis Diagnosed by Ultrasound Open this link in a new window
In patients with acute appendicitis, ultrasound is reported to have sensitivities of 75-90% (vs. 90-100% for CT), specificities of 86-100% (vs. 91-99% for CT), accuracies of 87-96% (vs. 94-98% for CT), positive predictive values of 91-94% (vs. 92-98% for CT), and negative predictive values of 89-97% ...
Cirrhosis, Ultrasound findings Open this link in a new window
Cirrhosis is a chronic disease of the liver caused by necrosis, scarring, fibrosis and regeneration of the liver parenchyma. In the Western world, alcoholism accounts for 60-70% of causes, while in Asia, viral hepatitis is the usual cause. The complications of cirrhosis include liver failure and portal venous hypertension. The risk of hepatocellular carcinoma is increased in patients with cirrhosi ...
Educational problems associated with abdominal ultrasonography for pediat-
ricians in Japan
Open this link in a new window
Normal Anatomy of the Abdomen - Ultrasounds Open this link in a new window
Below are ultrasounds of the normal abdomen. There are labeled as well as unlabeled images. First, look at the labeled images, then quiz yourself with the unlabeled images. ...
Normal Appendix by Ultrasound Open this link in a new window
Sonographic evaluation of the normal appendix should reveal a blind ending tubular structure that is compressible, and no more than 6mm in diameter. To the contrary, an inflamed appendix is not compressible, is more than 6mm in diameter, is nonperistaltic, and may demonstrate hyperemia. Periapendiceal fluid may be secondary to perforation. ...
Ultrasound & Infertility Open this link in a new window
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Ultrasound Imaging of Acute Appendicitis Open this link in a new window
Acute appendicitis constitutes the most common abdominal surgical emergency, affecting approximately 1 in 14 americans at some point in theirs lives, and 0.1% of the US population per year. Approximately 250,000 appendectomies are performed each year, of which approximately 20% disclose a normal appendix. Ultrasound has recently received considerable ...
Ultrasound pancreatic anatomy Open this link in a new window
The normal pancreatic anatomy is best visualized when the organs and vascular structures that border the pancreas are identified. The pancreas is usually slightly more echogenic than the adjacent liver tissue at the same depth from the transducer. The pancreas, which is a retroperitoneal structure, is located posterior to the lesser omentum. It extends in a horizontal oblique ...
Resource Directory - Overview
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