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Ultrasound Systems

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Ultrasound Machine 
A basic ultrasound machine has the following components:
list_point The transducer probe sends and receives the sound waves.
list_point The transducer pulse controls change the amplitude, frequency and duration of the pulses emitted from the transducer probe.
list_point The central processing unit is the calculation computer and contains the electrical power supplies for itself and the transducer probe.
list_point The display (oscilloscope or computer monitor) shows the image from the ultrasound data processed by the CPU.
list_point Data input and measurements are done with the keyboard cursor.
list_point Disk storage devices (FDD, HDD, CD, DVD) store the acquired images.
list_point The displayed ultrasound pictures can be printed on thermal paper, radiographic film or videotape.
B-mode machines represent the vast majority of machines used in echocardiology, obstetrical scans, abdominal scans, gynecological scans, etc. B-mode ultrasound machines usually produce the sector (or pie segment-shaped) scans. These ultrasound scans require either a mechanical scanner transducer (the transducer moves to produce the sector scan), or a linear array transducer operated as a phased array.
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Ultrasound System Performance 
Medical ultrasound (US) systems are today complex signal processing machines. Assessing the performance of an ultrasound system requires understanding the relationships between the characteristics of the system, such as the point spread function, temporal resolution, and the quality of images. Image quality aspects are the detail resolution, contrast resolution and penetration. Systems with microbubble scanner modification are particularly suitable for contrast enhanced ultrasound.
point Systems with low performance have 20% share of the world ultrasound market. These US machines are characterized by basic black and white imaging and are used mainly for basic OB/GYN applications and monitoring of fetal development. Most of these devices are sold to private office practitioners and small hospitals and cost below $50,000 per unit. These scanners are often equipped with the transvaginal probe.
point US systems with mid performance have also around 20% share of the market. These machines are basic gray scale imaging, color and spectral Doppler systems used for routine examinations and reporting and utilize a minimum number of scanheads. These systems are typically used in radiology, cardiology and OB/GYN applications and cost between $50,000 and $100,000. Refurbished advanced and high performance US systems with fewer purchased optional features are also sold in this price range.
point High performance US systems include typically high resolution gray scale imaging, advanced color power and spectral Doppler capabilities. High performance US systems usually include advanced measurement and analysis software, image review capabilities, and a variety of probes. With a market share of around 40% cost these machines between $100,000 and $150,000.
point The remaining 20% with premium or advanced performance are usually sold for over US$150,000. Premium performance systems allow high resolution gray scale imaging, advanced color flow, power, and spectral Doppler, tissue harmonic imaging, image acquisition storage, display and review capabilities, advanced automation, and other advanced features. Premium systems are equipped with a wide assortment of probes.
See also Ultrasound Physics.

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