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EchoSeed™MRI Resource Directory:<br> - Ultrasound Guided Interventions -
EchoSeed&trade; consists of radioactive 125I (iodine-125) seeds/implants indicated for the treatment of prostate cancer with brachytherapy.
The design of this second generation product, used in combination with ultrasound imaging, facilitates optimal placement. EchoSeed&trade; allows the physician to view both the prostate gland and the seeds during the course of the implant procedure.
Nycomed Amersham. Source: PR Newswire - 06/04/01.
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BrachytherapyMRI Resource Directory:<br> - Ultrasound Guided Interventions -
Brachytherapy is a radiation therapy in which radioactive material (radioisotopes) sealed in needles, seeds or wires is placed directly into or near a tumor. Brachytherapy uses ultrasound imaging to visualize the needles for accurate placement of the small seeds or pellets (capsules) directly into e.g., the prostate. Ultrasound imaging allows accurate planning, placement and implantation of the radiation sources. Implantation of the seeds is a minimally invasive procedure.
Radioactive seeds are inserted through the perineum skin (the area between the scrotum and the anus) into the prostate gland. With correct planning, the surgeon can implant the radiation sources for maximum benefits to effective cancer treatment.
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