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ArtifactInfoSheet: - Artifacts - 
ReductionMRI Resource Directory:<br> - Artifacts -
An image artifact is any image attribute, which is not present in the original imaged object. An image artifact is sometime the result of an improper operation of the imager, and in other times a consequence of natural processes or properties of the human body.
Artifacts in diagnostic ultrasound are a reflection or an echo, which appears on the display and represents the real anatomical structure not correctly. An artifact can be a false, multiple or misleading information introduced by the imaging system or by interaction of ultrasound with the adjacent tissue.

Artifacts in ultrasound can be classified as to their source like e.g.:
point physiologic (motion, different sound velocities, acoustical impedances of tissue);
point hardware (dimension of the ultrasound beam and the transducer array);
point imaging technique (B-mode, spectral Doppler, color Doppler, 3D ultrasound).
Image artifacts can occur in each medical ultrasound. Then an interpretation of the image is complicated and can eliminate the structural information of objects looking for.
See also Ultrasound Imaging Procedures.
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AU5 EPIInfoSheet: - Devices -
TypesMRI Resource Directory:<br> - Devices Machines Scanners Systems -

From ESAOTE S.p.A.;
'The AU5 EPI is an ultrasound system for multi-disciplinary use that incorporates all the transducer technologies (linear, convex, phased array, and annular array) adapted to today's most diverse diagnostic requirements. Furthermore it offers the most modern and advanced techniques available today on the market.'

Specifications for this system will be available soon.


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Axial ResolutionMRI Resource Directory:<br> - Image Quality -
Axial resolution is the minimum separation between two interfaces located in a direction parallel to the beam (objects above and below each other) so that they can be imaged as two different interfaces. The axial space resolution directly relates with the wave frequency, but higher frequencies have lower penetration into tissues.
The axial resolution is inversely proportional to the frequency of the transducer depending on the size of the patient. The higher the frequency the lower the axial resolution in large patients. This state results from the rapid absorption of the ultrasound energy with lower penetration. Lower frequencies are utilized to increase depth of penetration.
See also Damping.
Radiology-tip.comSpatial Resolution,  Frequency Encoding

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B-ModeInfoSheet: - Modes - 
Types of, 
etc.MRI Resource Directory:<br> - Modes -
Also called B-mode echography, B-mode sonography, 2D-mode, and sonogram.
B-mode ultrasound (Brightness-mode) is the display of a 2D-map of B-mode data, currently the most common form of ultrasound imaging.
The development from A-mode to B-mode is that the ultrasound signal is used to produce various points whose brightness depends on the amplitude instead of the spiking vertical movements in the A-mode. Sweeping a narrow ultrasound beam through the area being examined while transmitting pulses and detecting echoes along closely spaced scan lines produces B-scan images. The vertical position of each bright dot is determined by the time delay from pulse transmission to return of the echo, and the horizontal position by the location of the receiving transducer element.
To generate a rapid series of individual 2D images that show motion, the ultrasound beam is swept repeatedly. The returning sound pulses in B-mode have different shades of darkness depending on their intensities. The varying shades of gray reflect variations in the texture of internal organs. This form of display (solid areas appear white and fluid areas appear black) is also called gray scale.

Different types of displayed B-mode images are:
point two-dimensional, 2D-mode;
point gray scale;
point real-time mode;
point compound B-mode.

The probe movement can be performed manual (compound and static B-scanner) or automatic (real-time scanner).
The image reconstruction can be parallel or sector type.
See also B-Scan, 4B-Mode, and Harmonic B-Mode Imaging.

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Backscatter EnergyMRI Resource Directory:<br> - UltraSound Physics -
The backscatter energy is the portion of the incident acoustic power scattered back toward the transducer.

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