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Berlex Laboratories, Inc.MRI Resource Directory:<br> - Manufacturers -

The company is developing and making specialized medicines for treating multiple sclerosis, dermatological disorders, female health concerns, cancer and is creating new diagnostic imaging techniques. Berlex Laboratories, Inc. is a pioneer in the imaging market. It has introduced a broad range of imaging agents. Its contribution began in 1988 with the introduction of the world’s first magnetic resonance imaging agent, Magnevist® (gadopentetate dimeglumine) injection. Berlex Laboratories, Inc. is an US affiliate of Schering AG Germany.

Contact Information:
MAIL Berlex Laboratories, Inc.
340 Changebridge Road
PO Box 1000
Montville, NJ 07045-1000
PHONE +1-973-487-2000
see also contact us
FAX +1-973-487-2015
ONLINE www.berlex.com
CONTACT INFO PAGE www.berlex.com/contact
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Bi-directional FlowMRI Resource Directory:<br> - UltraSound Physics -
Bi-directional flow is measured in positive and negative directions.
See also Bi-directional Illumination, and Color Doppler Imaging.

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Biosound Esaote, Inc.MRI Resource Directory:<br> - Manufacturers -

In 1987 Esaote SpA began marketing its products in the United States through Biosound Inc.. In 1990 Esaote SpA acquired Biosound Inc.. Biosound Esaote today also distributes the veterinarian derivates from Esaote Pie Medical in the United States.

'BIOSOUND ESAOTE is an ISO9001/EN46001 certified major medical corporation operating as part of the international Esaote Group. With its parent company, Esaote, S.p.A. based in Genoa, Italy, ISO-9000 certified research and development and manufacturing facilities in Florence and Genoa, and North American headquarters in Indianapolis, the Esaote Group develops diagnostic ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) equipment for the worldwide medical community.'

Ultrasound Related Product Lines:
Ultrasound Systems:
MyLab?30CV Megas ES
Caris Plus Technos MPX
Technos Picus Pro
Picus 260 Corvus
Aquila Falco

Contact Information:
MAIL Biosound Esaote, Inc. 8000 Castleway Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46250
PHONE +1 800-428-4374
FAX +1 317-813-6600
E-MAIL biosound@biosound.com
ONLINE www.biosound.com


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Biplane ProbeInfoSheet: Probes/Transducers
TransducersMRI Resource Directory:<br> - Probes Transducers -
Biplane endorectal and endovaginal probes are commonly used in obstetrics, gynecology and urology. They are generally composed of 2 arrays one linear for imaging of the longitudinal plane and a highly curved one to image the transverse plane. These two planes allow a perpendicular visualization of the region of interest.
Ultrasound imaging in both transverse and longitudinal planes enables e.g., precise multiple biopsies by simultaneous visualization of both planes in real-time.

 Further Reading:
Biplane ultrasound arrays with integrated multiplexing solution for enhanced diagnostic accuracy in endorectal and transvaginal imaging(.pdf)Open this link in a new window
   by www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov    
  News & More:
   by urology.ucsf.edu    
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BiSphere™InfoSheet: - Contrast Agents - 
Historical Development, 
etc.MRI Resource Directory:<br> - Contrast Agents -
From POINT Biomedical Corp
BiSphere™ is a technology for drug delivery applications by ultrasound. BiSpheres™ consists of microparticles comprising a shell of an outer layer of a biologically compatible material and an inner layer of biodegradable polymer. The core of the microbubbles contains a filling gas, liquid, or solid for use in drug delivery or as a contrast agent for ultrasonic contrast imaging. The contrast agent particles are capable of passing through the capillary systems of a subject. The drug-loaded biSpheres™ would be administered intravenously and freely circulate throughout the body, while the drug encapsulated within would remain biologically unavailable. The drug would only be released when the biSpheres become flooded when passing through an externally directed ultrasound field.
The use of biSpheres™ to transport agents to specific sites within the body is expected to substantially increase local efficacy while decreasing systemic side effects or adverse reactions. The biSpheres™ may also serve to protect labile agents from metabolism or degradation. The noninvasive release of a protected, encapsulated agent can be controlled by ultrasound imaging to a depth of 20-30 cm from the skin surface.
The flexibility in size control in the biSphere™ technology has enabled the construction of submicron ultrasound contrast agents suitable for lymphatic imaging, with a diameter in the submicron range. This agent, while much smaller in size than CardioSphere®, is based on the BiSphere configuration: a shell within a shell enclosing a gas. The inner layer, made from a biodegradable polymer, provides the physical structure and controls the acoustic response. The outer layer functions as the biological interface. Each of these layers has been independently tailored to fulfill the specific requirements for lymphatic imaging.

 Further Reading:
  News & More:
Sentinel node detection using contrast-enhanced power Doppler ultrasound lymphographyOpen this link in a new window
2002   by www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov    
Tailoring the Size Distribution of Ultrasound Contrast Agents: Possible Method for Improving Sensitivity in Molecular ImagingOpen this link in a new window
Monday, 5 May 2008   by www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov    
Detecting and Imaging Microbubble contrast agents with ultrasoundOpen this link in a new window
2000   by www.collectionscanada.ca    
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