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Transducer AssemblyMRI Resource Directory:<br> - Probes Transducers -
A transducer assembly is the configuration of an ultrasound transducer. Electronic array transducers are composed of multiple crystal elements e.g., linear array and phased array transducer assemblies. A handheld mechanical probe may contain a mechanically driven single element transducer, or a rotating wheel transducer. Static B-scanner (obsolete) had a cylindrical probe with a single disk-shaped piezoelectric crystal.
Some probes are designed to be inserted in body cavities (vagina, rectum, esophagus) so that they can get closer to the organ being examined (uterus, prostate gland, heart); getting closer to the region of interest allow for a more detailed view.
See also Endocavitary Echography, Endoscopic Ultrasound, Vaginal Transducer and Rectal Probe.
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Array TransducerInfoSheet: Probes/Transducers
TransducersMRI Resource Directory:<br> - Probes Transducers -
An array transducer is composed of multiple piezoelectric crystal elements arranged in an array. Arrays are transducer assemblies with a row of elements, used to focus the beam.

Types of array transducers:
point Linear array transducer = the arrays are arranged along a line.
point Curvilinear or curved transducer = the arrays are arranged along a convex curve. A curved array is similar to a linear array except that the image created is a sector-type.
point Annular array transducer = the arrays are arranged in concentric circles.
point Rectangular array transducer = the arrays are arranged in a rectangular pattern.
See also Amplitude Shading, Transducer Types, and Transducer Assembly.

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HandleMRI Resource Directory:<br> - Probes Transducers -
A handle or probe contains the transducer elements and is attached to the system via a relatively long coaxial cable. Handles are selected via high voltage (HV) relays. In most ultrasound machines, several different handles are available to be connected to the system, allowing the operator to select the appropriate transducer for optimal imaging.
See also Probe Cleaning, and Transducer Assembly.

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Ultrasound EquipmentMRI Resource Directory:<br> - Devices Machines Scanners Systems -
The ultrasound equipment includes the ultrasound machine, the coaxial cable, the transducer assembly, different modalities to print out and store the ultrasound pictures, ultrasound gel, and a couch for the patients.
Often, the ultrasound system is connected with the internal radiology information system which allows the takeover of patient data, and a picture archiving and communication system to store images.
See also Ultrasound System Performance.

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