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KelvinMRI Resource Directory:
 - Education pool -
(K) The SI unit of temperature.
Definition: One Kelvin is 1/273.16 of the difference between the triple point of water (at exactly 273.16 K) and absolute zero.
The triple point of water is the temperature at which water can exist simultaneously in the gaseous, liquid, and solid states. Absolute zero is the temperature at which all molecular motion discontinues. 0 K is according to -273.15° Celsius and -459° Fahrenheit.

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Keyboard CursorMRI Resource Directory:
 - Equipment and Parts -
Ultrasound machines have a keyboard and a cursor, such as a trackball, built in. These devices allow the operator to add notes to and take measurements from the data.

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Kidney UltrasoundMRI Resource Directory:
 - Renal -
Ultrasonography of the kidneys (renal ultrasound) is part of a complete examination of the abdomen. Ultrasound is used to determine the size, shape, and exact position of the kidneys. Renal ultrasound provides important information regarding kidney function, related blood vessels, kidney stones, renal cysts, tumors, or hydronephrosis (suggestive of obstruction or blockage of the kidney).
The kidneys are scanned on longitudinal and transverse planes. Patients should avoid carbonated drinks such as soda or seltzer the day before, and have a full bladder for the test.
Lithotripsy is a therapeutic ultrasound procedure used to shatter simple stones in the kidney or upper urinary tract.
See also Urologic Ultrasound, Reflux Sonography.
Radiology-tip.comIntravenous Pyelogram
Radiology-tip.comAbdominal Imaging

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KilogramMRI Resource Directory:
 - UltraSound Physics -
(kg) The base SI unit of mass of the metric system.
Definition: 1 kilogram is defined as the mass of the standard kilogram, a platinum-iridium bar in the custody of the International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM) near Paris, France.
A traditional unit of mass or weight is also the pound (in general use, e.g. in the United States and Great Britain), with the symbol lb (derived from the Latin word libra).

1 kg = 2.204627 pound (lb. av., lbs.)
1 pound (lb. av., lbs.) = 0.453 kg.

Smaller units are, e.g.
1 000 gram (g) = 1 kg
1 000 milligram (mg) = 1 g
1 000 microgram (µg) = 1 mg

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Kontron Medical SASMRI Resource Directory:
 - Manufacturers -

'Stemming from the fusion of the departments of two big groups, namely Hoffman La Roche, with a medical imaging department, and Dassault, with a monitoring-dedicated department, Kontron Medical has been an innovator in the ultrasound field since more than 30 years.
Integrated in the Baring Capital Investors group in 1989, Kontron joined in 1999 Charterhouse after the Baring group financial issues, and thus became Kontron Medical. In 2002, Charterhouse created Charter Medical Technologies, to which belong several companies in the medical field, including Kontron Medical.
Inherited from its two big founder groups, Kontron Medical has kept a brilliant know-how, as well as rigor and technicity from its Swiss origins. Throughout the years and its different owners, the company has conserved a strong visual, with a very well identified logo, which enjoys an excellent notoriety.
Today based in Plaisir in the Paris suburb, the company employs 150 people for 30 Million Euros of sales.'

Ultrasound Related Product Lines:
Ultrasound Systems:
Soneo™ Sigma 330™
Imagic™ Vetson™

Contact Information:
Worldwide Headquarters
Zone d’Activités Les Gâtines
52, rue Pierre Curie - BP 97
F-78373 Plaisir cedex
PHONE +33 (0)1 30 07 66 00
FAX +33 (0)1 30 07 55 82
E-MAIL Hq.: infos@kontronmedical.com
USA: infoUSA@kontronmedical.com
Germany: info@ckmedical.de
Italy: ckmedical@tiscalinet.it
Switzerland: info@kontronmedical.ch
India: san_kaul@yahoo.com
Singapore: crystlin@singnet.com.sg
ONLINE www.kontronmedical.com

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