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B-FlowMRI Resource Directory:
 - Modes -
B-flow is an ultrasound imaging mode, which shows flowing blood as well as the vessel walls.

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B-ModeInfoSheet: - Modes - 
Basic Modes, 
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Contrast ModesMRI Resource Directory:
 - Modes -
Also called B-mode echography, B-mode sonography, 2D-mode, and sonogram.
B-mode ultrasound (Brightness-mode) is the display of a 2D-map of B-mode data, currently the most common form of ultrasound imaging.
The development from A-mode to B-mode is that the ultrasound signal is used to produce various points whose brightness depends on the amplitude instead of the spiking vertical movements in the A-mode. Sweeping a narrow ultrasound beam through the area being examined while transmitting pulses and detecting echoes along closely spaced scan lines produces B-scan images. The vertical position of each bright dot is determined by the time delay from pulse transmission to return of the echo, and the horizontal position by the location of the receiving transducer element.
To generate a rapid series of individual 2D images that show motion, the ultrasound beam is swept repeatedly. The returning sound pulses in B-mode have different shades of darkness depending on their intensities. The varying shades of gray reflect variations in the texture of internal organs. This form of display (solid areas appear white and fluid areas appear black) is also called gray scale.

Different types of displayed B-mode images are:
point two-dimensional, 2D-mode;
point gray scale;
point real-time mode;
point compound B-mode.

The probe movement can be performed manual (compound and static B-scanner) or automatic (real-time scanner).
The image reconstruction can be parallel or sector type.
See also B-Scan, 4B-Mode, and Harmonic B-Mode Imaging.

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B-Mode Acquisition and TargetingMRI Resource Directory:
 - Ultrasound Guided Interventions -
(BAT) B-mode acquisition and targeting is a stereotactic tumor locating device system, based on ultrasound and designed to maximize the precision of external beam radiation.
By tracking the position and orientation of the ultrasound transceiver within the treatment vault, BAT ultrasound produces images that can be fused with the CT scans used in the treatment plan.
When this is done directly before treatment, the current location of the target volume can be determined in reference to the treatment plan so that the volume is placed precisely and accurately. The patient?s position can then be adjusted accordingly.

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B-ScanMRI Resource Directory:
 - Modes -
B-scan ultrasonography, or B-scan, is a diagnostic test, for example used in ophthalmology to produce a two-dimensional, cross-sectional view of the eye and the orbit. The presentation of the reflected pulses are displayed in rectangular coordinates, in which the travel time of an ultrasound pulse is represented as a shift along one axis, and the probe movement is represented as a shift along the other axis.
See also Ultrasound Imaging Procedures, A-Scan, C-Scan and D-Scan.

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Backscatter EnergyMRI Resource Directory:
 - UltraSound Physics -
The backscatter energy is the portion of the incident acoustic power scattered back toward the transducer.

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