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Mindful People Feel Less Pain; MRI Imaging Pinpoints Supporting Brain Activity
'''Ever wonder why some people seem to feel less pain than others? A study conducted at Wake Forest School of Medicine may have found one of the ...'
Thursday, 6 September 2018   by
MRI shows how music alters brain activity in beatboxers, guitarists
'''Scientists from University College London used MRI to show how music can change our brain, finding neural activity in guitarists, beatboxers and non-musicians differed when listening to ...'
Wednesday, 5 September 2018   by
Noise sensitivity visible in brain MRI
'''As the old rock-n-roll clich goes, If it's too loud, you're too old. But Swedish researchers, with the help of MRI, have found brain structure and gray matter which can be affected ...'
Wednesday, 13 December 2017   by
MRI scans predict patients' ability to fight the spread of cancer
'''A simple, non-invasive procedure that can indicate how long patients with cancer that has spread to the brain might survive and whether they are likely to respond to immunotherapy has been ...'
Tuesday, 12 December 2017   by
Europe suspends sales of certain MRI contrast agent products
'''The European Commission has suspended the sale of certain products for intravenous injection of linear gadolinium contrast agent used in brain and spine magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) tests on ...'
Thursday, 30 November 2017   by
Brain MRIs Can Identify ADHD and Distinguish Among Subtypes
'''Brain magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) can be used to identify people with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) from patients without the condition, according to a new study ...'
Thursday, 30 November 2017   by
Novel discovery suggests MRIs after cardiac arrest could predict patient outcomes
'''Patients who suffer brain damage after cardiac arrest could benefit from magnetic resonance (MR) imaging following their stabilization measure that has been shown to predict ...'
Monday, 6 November 2017   by
Scientists Use MRI to Prove How Brain Re-maps Motor and Sensory Pathways after TMSR
'''Targeted muscle and sensory reinnervation (TMSR) alters the style the brain processes somatosensory input and motor output. To show how the TMSR affects the upper limb representations in the ...'
Tuesday, 31 October 2017   by
Structural and functional MRI in children resuscitated after drowning pinpoints site of anoxic brain injury
'''Children who are resuscitated after drowning can survive as prisoners inside their own bodies, awake but paralyzed. Drowning deprives the brain of oxygen, which can cause a form of anoxic ...'
Tuesday, 1 August 2017   by
FDA clears first neonatal magnetic resonance imaging device
'''Today, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration cleared the first magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) device specifically for neonatal brain and head imaging in neonatal intensive care ...'
Thursday, 20 July 2017   by
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