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In 2075 (after about 100 years of ...) the MRI scan will be :
done with handheld probe 
done at home (app, ...) 
a 3 second walk through 
daily done 
replaced by something much ... 

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The MR-TIP Resource-Database contains around 2100 entries.
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[Keywords: brain, research, neurology, neuroscience, MRI, fMRI, PET, scanner, cognition, cognitive, psychology, EEG, vision]
Advanced Imaging Center of Lancaster, CA. Open MRI ScanHealth Open this link in a new window
[Keywords: radiology, x-ray, x ray, imaging, mri, open mri, cancer, heart disease, coronary, ultrasound, ct scan, angiography, bone density, dental planning, CT scan, coronary artery, artherosclerosis, heart, emphysema, osteoporosis, ultrafast CT, open mri for calustrophobia, high-field mri of lancaster califo ...]
Cardinal MRI Center in Manila, Philippines Open this link in a new window
[Keywords: Open MRI, High Field MRI, Neuro Imaging, Orthopedic MRI, Body MRI, MR Angiography, MR Spectroscopy]
Centre for Magnetic Resonance, The University of Queensland, Australia Open this link in a new window
Chicago Northside MRI Open this link in a new window
Clarity MRI Centre, Ramnagar, Coimbatore, India. Open this link in a new window
Department of Radiology at the University of Iowa Open this link in a new window
[Keywords: radiology, imaging, clinical, oncology, neuroradiology, mammography, Interventional, musculoskeletal, nuclear, medicine]
Drs. Groover, Christie & Merritt: Radiologists Open this link in a new window
[Keywords: radiology, x-ray, computed tomography, CT, magnetic resonance imaging, MRI, ultrasound, angiography, fluoroscopy, mammography, nuclear medicine, biopsy, stereotactic breast biopsy, vertebroplasty]
East River Medical Imaging, PC Open this link in a new window
Grand Junction VA Medical Center Open this link in a new window

For the professional radiographer:
Database, Resources, News, etc.
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  Resource Directory - Overview
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