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On this page, you will find information, which should help you using this site as efficient as possible. If you do not find the desired help here, please do not hesitate to contact us.
It is our primary interest to make accessible for everyone under any circumstances and it should be so easy to use as possible.


Register and Login  

Registering takes about 30 to 60 seconds, and the registration itself and the membership is free of charge.
The MR-TIP Community membership gives you a couple of benefits.
You need to be registered and logged in, to take full advantage of the services offered here. For more information about member services read here!
The information you are providing at the registration helps us to improve and target our services solely to's audience - to you.

Information Database and Search Basics  

Search result order:

1. Red

[] Phrase-based results in terms.

2. Green

[] Phrase-based results in definitions.

3. Yellow

[] Boolean(And)-based results first in terms and then in definitions.

The use of single- or double quotes to surround the whole, or parts of a searchterm is neither necessary nor useful.

Boolean results are limited to 20, because of their less relevance. In addition, they are only displayed if there are less than 20 phrase-based search results.

The search function is not case sensitive.

More Results (News, Links/Resources, Forum, Database): The search function here is phrase-based. If found, these links point to other services on this site, News, Links/Resources, Forum, Database, where the searchterm was found in addition.



Each entry contains a term and the corresponding definition.


The heading for a database entry. If the searchterm is found here, the results are marked with a red ball.


a collection of information - structure and visualization are dependent on the kind of the term. This reaches from the contact information of a contrast agent distributor to the link to an article highlighting the benefits of this new turbo sequence. If the searchterm is found here, the results are marked with a green ball.

BB-Codes and Automatic Link Detection  

BB-Codes allow you to format your forum messages. The BB-Code system uses tags in a way similar to HTML. The primary difference between BB-Code and HTML is that BB-Code uses square brackets [xyz] instead of angle brackets <xyz>. BB-Codes and 'Automatic Link Detection' are enabled for text and 'Footer' (your signature). A link written as '' is automatic detected and converted into a link; if this will not work (for example in case of spaces) use [link] as shown in the example. Please, use the preview function to see the result.

Sample BB-Codes and their output:
[b] Bolded [/b]: Bolded
[i] Italicized [/i]: Italicized
[u] Underlined [/u]: Underlined
[link] [/link]:

Automatic Link Detection and its output:

Forum Footer  

The 'Footer' contains your personal signature and is automatically added to your message. If you save your signature with 'remember footer', it arises in every forum input form. It can be deleted or changed at any time. Please use preview to see how your changes work. You can use BB-Codes and 'Automatic Link Detection' to format your signature. For details about the use of this two applications please read BB-Codes and Automatic Link Detection.

Sample Footer:
Marco Polo Inc.
1735 Sunshine Street
St. Helena, CA 94574
Office Business Hours: ...
Phone: (+00) 11 123456
Fax : (+00) 11 123456
Visit Marco Polo at:

Uploading Images  

To upload images for example at the Forum, these images must be of the file types: CompuServe Graphics Interchange [*.gif] or JPEG - JFIF Compliant [*.jpg].
The manufacturer of your device normally provides a software tool to convert (and anonymize) DICOM images to one of the required formats mentioned above.
Just one of many freeware alternatives: MRIcro, (Windows, Linux) quick and easy to install and use, allows conversions from DICOM to all major graphic formats.


Explanations of medical and MRI related abbreviations are listed in the Abbreviation Register with a link to the database term. Abbreviations searched in the database are also found in this register and the database term is displayed with a link to the entry.

Symbols and Colors  

Blue Links

External Links, pointing to resources outside

Magenta Links

Internal links, pointing to pages inside

These symbols/links will be found behind external and internal links. A click on one of these symbols opens the preceding link in a new window. This should give you the possibility to view an e.g. Link/Resource and stay on the side, where you are at this moment.

This symbol/link points you to a corresponding piece of useful information on the Help Page.

Points to a related InfoSheet. (Artifacts, Contrast Agents, Coils Devices or Sequences)

Points to a related thread in the Forum.

Points to the related MR-TIP Resource Directory.

Service for the thread on this side is inactive (Forum).

Service for the thread on this side is active (Forum).

You are not logged in (Forum).


To display mathematical and Greek symbols the symbol font is used. If you are using an unmodified Mozilla based browser like Firefox or Netscape under Windows OS, you will not be able to see special characters based on the symbol font. This font is widely used to express mathematical and physical formulas! Please keep in mind that the use of the symbol font is standard, not only here. The correction in the configuration of this kind of browsers is easy (in less than 60 seconds) to realize.
To configure your browser please view Enabling Symbol font for Mozilla on Windows. There are described two ways to enhance your browser's capabilities in this sense. A small script, which automates this process, and as a second option a small description to manually change the way the symbol font is interpreted. If you are working in a larger network, ask your administrator, he/she will be able to change your browsers configuration.

Display of External Resources  

Displayed are title, description, and keywords from the external site, if available. (Title, description and keywords are content related structural elements of a webpage.) Depending on the service you are using, title, description or keywords could be abbreviated due to space constrains. [News, MR-TIP Resource Directory, etc.]

The Link/Resource Directory  

General order inside the MR-TIP directories is by the title of the site, if available, else by the URL.

Submit a Link/Resource  

Submit a link to your webpage, it is easy. Register and/or login first. Enter your URL and a description in the appearing table. The MR-TIP administration will look at this site, find an appropriate directory, and bring the link online. Please provide a correct email address for possible questions.


Pages with structured information related to specific topics:

Info Sheets

Artifacts, Contrast Agents, Coils, Devices and Sequences.

Look Ups

Abbreviations, Greeks, Symbols and Units & Measurements.


Migrating or converting? (Different acronyms used by manufacturers.)


Magnetic Resonance related Links and other Resources (login or register to submit a Link).


MRI Congresses, Conferences, Training Courses, Meetings, and so on (login or register to promote your Events).

News Service

News from manufacturers, science, research, and more.

Forum Notification Service  

This Forum related service allows members of to get notified by email under the following conditions:

By Extension

If a thread gets extended by a reply, the member will be notified by email if desired.

By Keyword

If a chosen keyword is found in a new thread or a reply, the member will be notified by email.

Symbols used in this context:

Service for the thread on this side is inactive.

Service for the thread on this side is active.

You are not logged in.

Words and Language  

Typos and wrong wordings happened and will ..., sorry. Please contact us. is an international web portal for Magnetic Resonance Technology. Caused by the international idea, the used language is English. In many cases, there are different country-based notations for the same word possible, e.g. American versus British English. The American English, based on 'The Columbia Guide to Standard American English' is chosen. Let's say in honor to the country where this invention started (MRI History). Decimal separator in this sense is the dot (.). If there is no reference for a specific notation, because the technical or medical concept definition is a new or an individual word creation, it is referred to the notation of the developer, for example to the company, which developed this sequence or this contrast agent. In other cases, for example 'Artifact versus Artefact' where no logical decision in this sense is possible; the decision is Internet - majority based.
Language to use in interactive services or when contacting should also be English (AltaVista - Babel Fish Translation or Google - Language Tools proved to be useful).

Linking to  

In general, please link to the Welcome-Page ( You can also link directly to for example a special topic as 'contrast agents overview' or a search as 'pulse sequence'. It's easy; just navigate to the desired page on and use (copy/paste) the URL from the address field of your browser.

Net Agents  

The use of net agents here at this site is not recommendable.


This page is and will be subject of changes. So, please check again.

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