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'Inversion Recovery Sequence'
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Adana Osco Barras

Tue. 3 Jan.12,

[Reply (1 of 2) to:
'Hyperintense blood vessels in SE'
started by: 'Peruvumba Jayakumar'
on Thu. 29 Dec.11]

Sequences and Imaging Parameters

Hyperintense blood vessels in SE
Prolonged T1 relaxation times, decreased T1 tissue contrast, and increased susceptibility rnare typical effects at high field MRI.rnDue to the longer T1 times at 3T, the signal rnintensity inside the vessels is preserved even in smaller vessels. Try TR 700, TE 10.rnInversion recovery sequences are very well suited for optimal gray to white matter contrast, but enhancement after administration of gadolinium may not be visible.
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Tom Bellini

Mon. 14 Jun.04,

[Reply (1 of 3) to:
'Black Blood MRA'
started by: 'ranran zhao'
on Sun. 6 Jun.04]

Applications and Examinations

Black Blood MRA
The black blood effect is a natural high contrast between blood and myocardium caused by the flow void of blood. Black blood techniques are for example used to demonstrate fatty infiltration of the right ventricular wall with right ventricular dysplasia. Black blood MRA is usual based on fast spin echo or inversion recovery sequences and seldom used as cine imaging. The advantage of this type of sequence consists of being less sensitive to respiratory and cardiac motion. Bright blood cine imaging is the standard method, but there are manufacturer with different techniques, e.g. Toshiba has a black blood cine technique.
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