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'Gradient Coil'
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James R

Mon. 14 Sep.09,

[Reply (12 of 21) to:
'MRI registry equations'
started by: 'Donna Nusser'
on Tue. 18 Aug.09]

Basics and Physics

MRI registry equations
now i'm disappointed i failed modules 4-5-6-7-8. 4-5-6 i thought i was good with my wife told me my scores so when i see it i hope all the ones i got wrong were all those stupid "filler questions" (b/c they are good for credits)that questions that i got wrong.

example: what happens when the service engineer mistakenly connects the z gradient coil to y gradient amplifer, and the y gradient coil to the z amplifer or something like that the registry don't ask that from what i was told

now i know why my friend took a live taught course cause he had mic and liked it then hated it
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Reader Mail

Sun. 5 Oct.08,

[Start of:
'gradient preemphasis'
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gradient preemphasis
Is the gradient preemphasis still used in the up-to-date MRI scanner equipped with the shielded gradient coil? Does the preemphasis become unnecessary in the future, or is it continued to be used?
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Rud Spring

Fri. 7 Apr.06,

[Reply (1 of 2) to:
'Slew Rate'
started by: 'Reader Mail '
on Sun. 2 Apr.06]

Sequences and Imaging Parameters

Slew Rate
It's about how fast the gradient coil reaches the amplitude. It's the steepness of the curve. The time it takes to reach this amplitude is often referred to as "rise time".

At certain high slew rates the gradient switching is so fast that peripheral nerves get stimulated. A warning may be given like "possible peripheral nerve stimulation". It's not really dangerous, but you can feel your muscles contract a little. Some people are more sensitive to it than others.
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