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lau Moon

Tue. 31 Jul.18,

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'custom all types of coils'
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custom all types of coils
We are a professional large-scale manufacturer of all types of inductor coil, we can custom coil for sensor´╝îwireless device,RF technology,rnFor the coils Features: rn1. Winding with self-bonding wire rn2. Winding different shapes as per your inquiry rn3. Meet your inquired inductance and resistance rn4. Windings are bond by a strong adhesive rnrnOur product including:air core coil,RF coil,receiver coil,wireless charge coil,transmitter coil,sensor coil,Electromagnetic Coil, miniature inductor coil,etc.rnrnAny coils inquiry pls contact me:

Any coils inquiry pls contact me:
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Arnold Somereville

Sun. 23 Apr.17,

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'GE 8 channel Body Coil Artifact'
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GE 8 channel Body Coil Artifact
Have a GE 1.5T HDxt. Problem: experiencing symmetric artifacts in abdominal images. Artifact seen in most anterior images: Some are rectangular in appearance, another reminds me of a plastic knife. All patients are changed in gowns/pants prior to entry into MRI suite. The body coil in question has been changed 3 times but the artifact remains. I suspect this is a hardware reconstruction issue, however, the engineer thinks it is operator error. I have run this sequence with and without options. This is an SSFSE, breath hold sequence. Has anyone encountered this issue?
MRI Abdomen 8 channel body coil

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Jack Ryan

Tue. 26 Mar.13,

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'Volume Coil info in DICOM Header?'
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Volume Coil info in DICOM Header?
Hello, I need to find out what type of head coil was used for several studies that our lab has run in the past. Essentially I just need to know the number of channels. I've used the dicomread and dicominfo commands in Matlab to no avail, but I've had some luck using syngo (from Siemens) on some of our later studies. I want to check for my sanity that this is possible to do, but if it is not, I'm curious if there are other techniques for finding out this information, rather than just eyeballing the quality of the the scan images. Thanks -Jack
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John Scott

Thu. 13 Dec.12,

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'Need Pin Out for Hitachi C-Spine Coil 12.8687 MHz HMSA MR-QCS-A810'
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Devices, Scanner, Machines

Need Pin Out for Hitachi C-Spine Coil 12.8687 MHz HMSA MR-QCS-A810
Can someone provide me with the Pin out for the Coil Connector for a Hitachi C-Spine Coil 12.8687 MHz Model Number HMSA MR-QCS-A810?
A few of the wires came unsoldered on the circular connector and I want to have them soldered back on. Thank you.
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Reader Mail

Tue. 26 Jul.11,

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'MR750: ASSET Artifact or 32 Channel coil?'
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Funktional MRI

MR750: ASSET Artifact or 32 Channel coil?

We are performing fMRI on a GE MR750 Discovery.
As you can see we get artifacts when performing DTI and fMRI.
It looks like herringbones or spikes artifacts. But it appears only at the very top slices where there is generally no more brain.
One possible explanation is that ASSET will produce the artifact where there is no signal.
Another explanation would be that some element of the 32 channel coil is going mad.
Has anybody experienced the same artifact?

Thank you.
DTI artifact

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