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MRI Forum: Deaf in one ear but MRI scan ...
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Arnold Buggins

Fri. 21 Dec.18,
Deaf in one ear but MRI scan says 'everything's normal'
(I'm not a professional user of MRI, just someone who has recently had an MRI scan and is puzzled at the result. I hope it's still OK to post here).rnrnSeveral months ago I received a violent blow to the side of my head, and ever since, I have been totally deaf in the ear on that side. Even worse, instead of hearing anything in that ear, I'm getting a constant really loud whistling sound in that ear. As you can imagine, this is causing me a great amount of distress.rnrnI was given a CT scan which showed nothing, so then I was given an MRI scan, and I recently got the result. To my great surprise (and dismay) the letter i got from the specialist said that the scan showed that 'everything was perfectly normal'. My first reaction was to phone him and ask just how I could be totally deaf in one ear if the scan showed everything was normal, but I live in the UK, and you're not even allowed to approach a specialist directly - you have to get your doctor to do this for you. In view of how overstretched our health service is here, it could be months before I can get any answers.rnrnThis is why I'm posting here. I don't know anything about MRI scanners and all the Internet searches I've done just come up with answers to things like 'are they safe?' and 'how noisy are they?'rnrnSo can anyone tell me how an MRI scan can show there's nothing wrong with me when I'm totally deaf in an ear that had nothing wrong with it before that blow to the head?rnrnAny answers will be very gratefully received.

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  Category:  General
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