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MR Guided InterventionsMRI Resource Directory:
 - MR Guided Interventions -
Possible MR guided interventions are breast MRI, liver and bone biopsies. Open MRI is advantageous to guide interventional procedures because this type of MRI scanner provides a better patient access.
Before the MRI guided biopsy is started, all the necessary precautions ensuring normal sterile and safe conditions for an intervention have to be performed. This includes the special safety issues concerning MRI surroundings and special equipment, like non-magnetic biopsy needles, localization tools (e.g. wires to mark lesions prior to surgery with breast MRI guidance) etc.
See also 5 Gauss Line, Contraindications, Low Field MRI, MR Compatibility, Magnetic Resonance Guided Focused Ultrasound and Computer Aided Detection.
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Physics of MRI Safety
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MRI guided biopsies are usually performed for lesions that are found on for example liver or breast MRI procedures and that are not seen on computed tomography, ultrasonography or mammography. The identification of cancer on breast MRI is dependent on uptake of intravenous contrast agents.
First an MRI scan, using a dedicated breast coil and biopsy guidance system is performed to found the lesion. After skin disinfection and local anesthesia, the biopsy procedure starts. Possible MR guided interventions include fine needle aspiration, core needle biopsy and vacuum-assisted biopsy (VABB) to sample tissue from the lesion; or wire localization prior to surgery for lesions that are not palpable.
See also Breast MRI.

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Physics of MRI Safety
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Breast MRIMRI Resource Directory:
 - Breast MRI -
(MR mammography) Magnetic resonance imaging of the breast is particularly useful in evaluation of newly diagnosed breast cancer, in women whose breast tissue is mammographically very dense and for screening in women with a high lifetime risk of breast cancer because of their family history or genetic disposition.
Breast MRI can be performed on all standard whole body magnets at a field strength of 0.5 T - 1.5 Tesla. Powerful gradient strengths over 15 mT/m will help to improve the balance between spatial resolution, scanning speed, and volume coverage. The use of a dedicated bilateral breast coil is obligatory.
Malignant lesions release angiogenic factors that increase local vessel density and vessel permeability. Breast cancer is detectable due to the strong enhancement in dynamic breast imaging that peaks early (about 1-2 min.) after contrast medium injection. If breast cancer is suspected, a breast biopsy may be necessary to secure the diagnosis.
See also Magnetic Resonance Imaging MRI, Biopsy and MR Guided Interventions.

Requirements in breast MRI procedures:
Both breasts must be measured without gaps.
Temporal resolution should be sufficient to allow early imaging after contrast agent with dynamic imaging every 60-120 sec.
For the best possible detection of enhancement fat signal should be eliminated either by image subtraction or by spectrally selective fat saturation.
Thin slices are necessary to assure absence of partial volume effects.
Imaging should be performed with a spatial resolution in plane less than 1 mm.

For Ultrasound Imaging (USI) see Breast Ultrasound at

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Radiology-tip.comBreast Ultrasound

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Computer Aided Detection
(CAD) 'Computer aided detection' or 'computer assisted diagnosis' systems are tools to improve the efficiency and workflow in medical imaging procedures. The aim of CAD is to increase the diagnostic accuracy of screening procedures by using a computer system to locate abnormalities, improve image management, correct patient movement and assist the radiologists in the interpretation and analysis of data-intensive studies. Typical applications include the tumor detection in mammography, breast MRI, colonography, and lung imaging. Newer applications like prostate MRI are under investigation.
See also MR Guided Interventions and Breast MRI.

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Intera Achieva 1.5T™InfoSheet: - Devices -
Types of Magnets, 
etc.MRI Resource Directory:
 - Devices -
From Philips Medical Systems; The clinical capabilities of MR will further expand. Inside and out, the Achieva is a friendly, open system designed for optimal patient comfort and maximized workflow with high functionality. The Achieva 1.5T can be upgraded to Achieva I/T, with three configurations optimized for MR guided interventions and therapy:
Achieva I/T
Achieva I/T Neurosurgery
Achieva I/T Cardiovascular (or XMR - combining an Achieva 1.5T CV system and an X-Ray system)

Device Information and Specification
CONFIGURATION Short bore compact
SURFACE COILS Standard: Head, body, C1, C3; Optional: Small joint, flex-E, flex-R, endocavitary (L and S), dual TMJ, knee, neck, T/L spine, breast; optional phased array: Spine, pediatric, 3rd party connector; Optional SENSE™ coils for all applications
SYNCHRONIZATION ECG/peripheral: Optional/yes, respiratory gating
PULSE SEQUENCES SE, Modified-SE, IR (T1, T2, PD), STIR, FLAIR, SPIR, FFE, T1-FFE, T2-FFE, Balanced FFE, TFE, Balanced TFE, Dynamic, Keyhole, 3D, Multi Chunk 3D, Multi Stack 3D, K Space Shutter, MTC, TSE, Dual IR, DRIVE, EPI, Cine, 2DMSS, DAVE, Mixed Mode; Angiography: Inflow MRA, TONE, PCA, CE MRA
IMAGING MODES Single Slice 2D , Multi Single Slice 2D, Multi Slice 2D, 3D, Multi Chunk 3D, Multi Stack 3D
FOV Over 40 cm
DISPLAY MATRIX 128 x 128, 256 x 256,512 x 512,1024 x 1024 (64 for Bold img)
MEASURING MATRIX Variable in 1% increments
PIXEL INTENSITY Lum.: 120 cd/m2; contrast: 150:1
SPATIAL RESOLUTION Variable (op. param. depend.)
MAGNET TYPE Superconducting
or W x H
60 x 60 cm
CRYOGEN USE 0.03 L/hr helium
STRENGTH up to 66 mT/m
5-GAUSS FRINGE FIELD 2.4 m / 3.8 m
SHIMMING Passive and dynamic

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