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Lattice Index Map
This parametric images reflect the similarity between the anisotropic diffusion of each pixel and that of its neighbors.
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 - Diffusion Weighted Imaging -
Diffusion weighted imaging can be performed similar to the phase contrast angiography sequence. The gradients must be increased in amplitude to depict the much slower motions of molecular diffusion in the body.
While a T1 weighted MRI pulse sequence is diffusion sensitive, a quantitative diffusion pulse sequence was introduced by Steijskal and Tanner. Its characteristic features are two strong symmetrical gradient lobes placed on either side of the 180° refocusing pulse in a spin echo sequence. These symmetrical gradient lobes have the sole purpose of enhancing dephasing of spins, thereby accelerating intravoxel incoherent motion (IVIM) signal loss.
Dephasing is proportional to the square of the time (diffusion time) during which the gradients are switched on and the strength of the applied gradient field. Therefore, the use of high field gradient systems with faster and more sensitive sequences, make diffusion weighting more feasible.
Areas in which the protons diffuse rapidly (swollen cells in early stroke, less restriction to diffusion) will show an increased signal when the echo is measured relative to areas in which diffusion is restricted. For increased accuracy of diffusion measurement and image enhancement, useful motion correction techniques such as navigator echo and other methods should be used. In addition to this, applying the b-value calculated by the strength and duration of motion probing gradients with a high rate of accuracy is very important.
See also Apparent Diffusion Coefficient, ADC Map, Lattice Index Map.


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