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Cytogen Corporation of Princeton, NJ is a product-driven, oncology-focused biopharmaceutical company. Cytogen markets several products through its in- house oncology sales force: ProstaScint® (a monoclonal antibody-based imaging agent used to image the extent and spread of prostate cancer); BrachySeed™ I-125 and BrachySeed™ Pd-103 (two uniquely designed, next generation radioactive seed implants for the treatment of localized prostate cancer), and NMP22® BladderChek™ (a highly accurate and convenient antibody-based point-of-care staging test for bladder cancer detection). Cytogen has also developed Quadramet®, a skeletal targeting therapeutic radiopharmaceutical for the relief of bone pain in prostate and other types of cancer. Cytogen's pipeline comprises product candidates at various stages of clinical development, including fully human monoclonal antibodies and cancer vaccines based on PSMA (prostate specific membrane antigen) technology, which was exclusively licensed from Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.
A license and marketing agreement with AMAG Pharmaceuticals Inc' (formerly Advanced Magnetics), to market the functional molecular imaging agent Combidex®, was terminated in 2007.

Contact Information
MAIL Cytogen Corporation
600 College Road East, CN5308
Princeton, NJ 08540-5308
PHONE +1-609-750-8201
FAX +1-609-750-8124

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Short name: Ami 227, generic name: Ferumoxtran, (USPIO)
Ferumoxtran is a substance of the class of ultrasmall superparamagnetic iron oxide used as a lymph node specific contrast agent for MRI.
See also Combidex®, Sinerem® and Ultrasmall Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide.
Partner(s): Cytogen Corporation, National Cancer Institute. An approvable letter was received from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for Combidex in June 2000. Advanced Magnetics, Inc. has submitted a complete response to the approvable letter received from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, which was accepted by the FDA and assigned a user fee goal date of March 30, 2005. In Europe, a Dossier (the European equivalent of a NDA) was submitted by Advanced Magnetics' European partner, Guerbet SA, to the European Medicines Evaluations Agency in December 1999. (Sinerem® is the brand name for this USPIO in Europe manufactured by Guerbet, Combidex® by Advanced Magnetics for the U.S. market)
Advanced Magnetics, Inc. changed its name in July 2007 to AMAG Pharmaceuticals Inc

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