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Crosstalk (Artifact) 
Quick Overview

Artifact Information
NAME Crosstalk, cross excitation
DESCRIPTION Anomalous intensities in an image
REASON Interference
HELP Slice gap minimum 10%

Crosstalk is an artifact introduced into images by interference between adjacent slices of a scan, caused by a slice profile that is not ideal due to the constraints of the measurement technology. If the slice distances are too small, there is cross talk between the slices, which can affect T1 contrast.

Image Guidance
This artifact can be eliminated by limiting the minimum spacing (for the most sequences a minimum gap 10% and for IR sequences 20%) between the slices. Crosstalk can also be reduced by selection of interleaved slices (so a slice gap will not be necessary), but interleaved data acquisition can produce large mean intensity differences between adjacent slices.

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