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MRI Artifacts
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Artifact by Patient Movement 
Quick Overview
Please note that there are different common names for this artifact.

Artifact Information
NAME Motion, movement
DESCRIPTION Blurring, ghosting
REASON Patient movement
HELP Fast scan techniques

Patient movement during the scans are often an imaging problem. Artifacts from patient movement are widely varied due to a dependence when during k-space filling the motion occurs. When the patient moving causes only in the last few seconds of the scan at that time the outside edges of K-space were being filled, and as a result the artifact does not overly affect the image (there are only fine lines).

Image Guidance
A good cooperation between the patient and the operator is the best way to avoid these artifacts, in difficult cases a sedative may help. If a compliance of the patient is not possible (e.g. pain, stroke, or consciousness), choose fast scan methods like gradient echo or single shot technique.
See also Motion Artifact and Phase Encoded Motion Artifact.

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Patient movement during MRI: Additional points to ponder
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Case Study 1 :
Patient movement during diffusion imaging causes this artifact.
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