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Combidex Technology Sale Opens Door to a Revolution in Diagnostic Cancer Imaging
''The exclusive technology and development rights to Combidex® (ferumoxtran-10), a contrast agent showing great potential in the field of diagnostic imaging, have been sold by the U.S. pharmaceutical company AMAG Pharmaceuticals, Inc. to a Dutch University ...'
Monday, 8 April 2013   by
The demise of Combidex - Sinerem
''For several years a company initially called Advanced Magnetics (and later known as AMAG Pharma), with its partners, spent a good deal of money developing and seeking approval of a product called ferumoxtran-10. Ferumoxtran-10 was an imaging agent ...'
Wednesday, 24 March 2010   by
Combidex, MRI, and identification of nodal metastases
''One of the major issues in the management of prostate cancer is the identification of early physical (as opposed to biochemical) evidence of metastatic disease. For some years now, an imaging agent known as ferumoxtran-10 (Combidex) has been in ...'
Wednesday, 17 June 2009   by
Advanced Magnetics and Cytogen Announce Study Results Showing Combidex® Effective in Detecting Lymph Node Disease in Breast Cancer Patients
Wednesday, 20 November 2002   by
News Refinements:  Contrast Agents  Devices  Financial  
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