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  Category:  Safety
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Dimitar Todorov

Thu. 9 Mar.06,
does the metaloceramic dental crowns are problem for MRI
Hi everybody,
I don't have an experiance with MRI, and i would like to know about metaloceramic crowns. It is true that they can be dangerous in MRI magnetic field. And if a patient have any metalic oject in the body (bulet or someting else) can it be livetreatening.

Thank you!

bob smith

Wed. 17 Oct.07,
hey everyone

I had an MRI (1.5 Tesla) and I have a dental crown and bridge, and metal fillings. I think I have the metal bonding porcelain crowns made with Nickel-Chromium, but it doesn’t matter. You will feel nothing. It doesn’t matter if you have titanium, or anything else. The MRI people are more worried about metal in soft tissue which can move around during the scan. Anything on your teeth or bone is fixed and therefore won’t cause problems. And for the patient, who cares about pain / discomfort, there is none, you’ll experience no sensation at all due to dental work.

Hope this helps

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  Category:  Safety
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