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Pairs of saddle coils (such as the Golay coils) are used as the x- and y-axis of gradient coils and as extremity coils. This configuration produces a very linear, homogeneous magnetic field along its central axis.
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Current carrying coils designed to produce a desired magnetic field gradient (so that the magnetic field will be stronger in some locations than others).
Proper design of the size and configuration of the coils is necessary to produce a controlled and uniform gradient. Three paired orthogonal current-carrying coils located within the magnet that are designed to produce desired gradient magnetic fields, which collectively and sequentially are superimposed on the main magnetic field (B0) so that selective spatial excitation of the imaging volume can occur.
Gradients are also used to apply reversal pulses in some fast imaging techniques. Gradient coils in general vary the main magnetic field, so that each signal can be related to an exact location. The gradient coil configuration for the z-axis consists of e.g., Helmholtz pair coils, and of paired saddle coils for the x- and y-axis.

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