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Gadoterate MeglumineInfoSheet: - Contrast Agents - 
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Short name: Gd-DOTA, generic name: Gadoterate meglumine
Dotarem / [ Artirem® ] A paramagnetic MRI contrast agent for intravenous use. This agent is used as a routine clinical tool to reveal anatomical details in vivo and to detect lesions for diagnosis.
See also Contrast Agents.

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Ionic Intravenous Contrast AgentsInfoSheet: - Contrast Agents - 
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 - Contrast Agents -
Intravenous contrast agents used in MRI are distributed in the extracellular spaces of the body before being excreted. In this sense they are similar to iodinated X-ray contrast media. However, contrast agents used for MRI are quite different from conventional radiographic contrast media in structure and function and there is no known cross sensitivity between these types of contrast agents. Common MRI contrast agents use metal ions (e.g., gadolinium or manganese) complexed with organic molecules.
Gd-DTPA, an ionic linear molecule complex (gadopentetate dimeglumine) was the first marketed MRI contrast agent. Although the osmolality of this substances can be relatively high (up to 1940 mOsm/kg H2O) compared with plasma, adverse reactions and side effects are very rare. The used doses are smaller compared with radiographic contrast media.
See also Nonionic Intravenous Contrast Agents, Dotarem®, and Magnevist®.
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