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MRI Artifacts
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Ghosting Artifact 
Quick Overview

Artifact Information
NAME Ghosting, ghost
DESCRIPTION Displaced reduplications of image in phase encoding direction
REASON Motion, heartbeat, respiration
HELP Triggering, breath hold, pharmaceuticals to reduce bowel motion

Ghosting artifacts are in the most cases caused by movements (e.g., respiratory motion, bowel motion, arterial pulsations, swallowing, and heartbeat) and appear in the phase encoding direction.

Image Guidance
Ghosting artifacts can be reduced by respiratory and cardiac triggering, the use of breath holding pulse sequences, flow compensation or presaturation pulses, depending on their origin. To reduce bowel motion also pharmaceuticals, such as glucagon or scopolamine are useful. This will decrease artifacts from both peristalsis and breathing.
See also Motion Artifact, Phase Encoded Motion Artifact, Cardiac Motion Artifact, and Artifact Reduction - Motion.

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Case Study 1 :
In this image with increased brightness the ghosting effect is best visible on the right and left side, where it is not overlapping with the original image.
Case Study 2 :
Ghosting from abdominal fat, oriented in the phase encoding direction.
Case Study 3 :
The artifact appears as repeating stripes, occurring as the result of motion during acquisition of the sequence and is caused by breathing.
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