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MRI Artifacts
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Black Boundary Artifact 
Quick Overview
Please note that there are different common names for this artifact.

Artifact Information
NAME Black boundary, dark boundary, contour, chemical shift, relief
DESCRIPTION Black contours at boundaries
REASON Chemical shift, opposed phase image, motion shear (flow effects), inversion recovery null point
HELP Smaller water fat shift (high bandwidth), in phase image, SE sequences

Black boundary artifacts are black lines following voxels where both water and fat protons are present in the same voxel. This artifact arise along the boundary of organs or tissues perpendicular to the frequency encoding direction, and occurs preferentially in gradient echo sequences with out of phase echo times.

Image Guidance
Fat suppression techniques eliminate this artifact. For artifact reducing helps a smaller water fat shift (high bandwidth), a higher matrix or/and an in phase TE.
See also Chemical Shift Artifact.

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Saturday, 1 October 2011   by    
What is chemical shift artefact? Why does it occur? How many Hz at 1.5 T?
Case Study 1 :
The arrows show the black boundary artifact around the kidneys.
Case Study 2 :
The artificial black boundary is visible for example around the gall bladder (red circle), the kidney (upper arrow) and the spleen (lower arrow).
Case Study 3 :
In this image the same slice of a gradient echo sequence with an in phase (upper image) and an out of phase (lower image) echo time is shown. The black boundary around the kidney (red circle) is not seen (green circle) with in phase echo time.
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